'My Unorthodox Life's Robert Brotherton Just Debuted A Major New Look

After months of anticipation, season two of My Unorthodox Life has finally landed on Netflix again, and fans are already hooked. This time, most of the season 1 cast will be returning on screen, including Julia Haart's right-hand man Robert Brotherton. (Silvio Scaglia and Ben Weinstein, Julia and Batsheva’s exes, are no longer part of the Haart crew).

Robert formerly served as Elite World's Chief Operating Officer in season one, but after Julia and her now ex-husband Silvio Scaglia had a publicly rocky breakup, he was let go. Now, he's reportedly doing what he can to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry and may even start working with Julia at her new company, per The Cinemaholic.

Admittedly, most viewers of the show are familiar with Robert and his story. But in case you're not fully looped in, read on to learn all about his work, upbringing, and recent plastic surgery.

Robert is originally from Texas.

Born in Texas, Robert was raised by an adoptive family before eventually making the big move to New York. His goal was to pursue a career as a singer and he earned a full scholarship to Syracuse University, where he got his degree in operatic performance, per People. Take one look at his social media, and you'll notice that he's a seriously talented singer.

In season 1, fans also got to see Robert connect with his birth mother for the first time. According to Robert, airing that moment on the show made quite the impact. "I mean, I think the response from people online and in person has been incredible, he told People in 2021. "I've probably received 10,000 DMs of people telling me about their experience, whether it went well or it didn't go well, or how they dealt with it with their family. It's been amazing and powerful."

He worked at Elite World Group.

After moving to New York, he landed a job at Elite World Group. He worked closely with Julia as Chief Operating Officer, and the two quickly bonded and became close friends. Fast forward to Julia and Silvio's split, and Robert was suspended from the company then let go completely.

He currently lives in New York *and* Connecticut.

While Robert is in New York most of the time with his partner Ra’ed Saade and their dog Richard, the couple also shares a vacation home in Danbury, Connecticut.

As it turns out, the two have been best friends since college and dated on and off for a few years. "In the middle of the pandemic, we moved in together, and we got Richard together. It's going very well and very nice," he revealed to People.

His boyfriend is also a performer.

This season, Julia gets Robert to dish on his relationship with Ra'ed. If Robert’s new boo looks familiar, that's because he's been a contestant on several competition series.

Born in Lebanon, Ra'ed went on to compete on The Voice: Arabia in 2015, and made it all the way to the Battle Rounds. Later, he competed on Let’s Make a Deal in 2016, The Gong Show in July 2017, and America’s Got Talent in 2019, per Bustle.

Unfortunately, he was eliminated during his AGT audition, but he definitely won the crowd over. Check out his audition below.

Robert has been open about his weight loss and surgery.

He spoke a lot about wanting to lose weight in season 1 of the show. By the end of last summer, he'd lost 30 pounds. "The way I did it was really focused on eating because nobody loves a block of cheese more than I do...I've really just been trying to focus on being in a calorie deficit and eating less than what I burn each day," he told People. He added that he also took up more exercise and grew to love tennis.

Still, Robert revealed his struggles with being comfortable in his skin despite the weight loss and opted to get several surgeries, including a butt lift and tummy tuck. "This surgery was so meaningful because it meant the beginning of a new chapter for me and my body," he wrote on Instagram.

What's Robert's net worth?

This one is a little unclear. The Cinemaholic puts it at around around $5.5 million, thanks to his decades of work in top-level exec positions, which could have earned him at least $850,000 per year.

And clearly he has enough money to buy a nice vacation home in Danbury, Connecticut. So, I'd say he's doing quite well for himself.

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