Univision Host Clarissa Molina shares her quarantine favorites

Clarissa Molina is an Emmy-Award Winning Television Personality, Actress, Philanthropist, and Spokesperson. She is here to share her quarantine favorites.

Video Transcript

NURYS CASTILLO: What's up, everybody? And welcome to "New in the Q" where your favorite celebrities tell you what they've been obsessed with during quarantine. Today we have the beautiful Clarissa Molina, an actress, philanthropist, and Emmy award winning host, who currently appears daily on Univision's "El Gordo y La Flaca" where she interviews celebrity talent and keeps viewers up to date on trending topics and news. Hello.

CLARISSA MOLINA: Hi, how are you? So nice to be here with you.

NURYS CASTILLO: I'm so excited a fellow Latina, Dominicana. How was quarantine for you because I know that you were still working during quarantine.

CLARISSA MOLINA: Thanks to technology, I would go live from my phone, everyday in "El Gordo y La Flaca". Then also I would have the time and-- and take advantage of the time that I have here at home to just brainstorm on the things that I want. Then I started meditating, I love that. It's been amazing.

NURYS CASTILLO: Let's get into your obsessions, I know you bought a few things during quarantine so I want to know and I want to get into it.

CLARISSA MOLINA: So you know I started doing my nails on my own because I couldn't go out. I started to do like different colors and a lot of people would be like, "Oh my God, I love your nails," and they would-- they would be posting pictures all inspired by Clarissa. And I found these online, it's like a gel nail strip. These are amazing.

NURYS CASTILLO: I've seen those and I always think they never work. And they really work, they stick?

CLARISSA MOLINA: Exactly. This is my essential oils from Young Living. I really love them, like I use them to sleep, to help my immune system, to digest, and they're all natural.

NURYS CASTILLO: How do you use them? Do you like rub them in?

CLARISSA MOLINA: This one you can drink a drop in a glass of water, or tea. And actually, lavender you can use on your skin, or in the diffuser. For my body I use these Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel. I love it because it's not sticky. Your skin absorbs it, like really well, so I love that.

NURYS CASTILLO: I actually use the one for the face, It's like a gel that's like a nice like gel for the face. Such great products to really keep you hydrated.

CLARISSA MOLINA: I'm like obsessed with this sparkling water. And this is like my favorite flavor, key lime. I love key lime.

NURYS CASTILLO: Oh my god, I love-- I'm obsessed with seltzer water.

CLARISSA MOLINA: Drinking Coke, but you're not drinking Coke or anything like that, like a soda.

NURYS CASTILLO: Yeah, and I was a soda obsessed person, so now instead of drinking soda, I drink my seltzer and then I'm good to go.

CLARISSA MOLINA: I have color pens. I love writing, I love colors, so I took the time to write a lot about you know every day, or things that comes into my mind and you know, brainstorming.

NURYS CASTILLO: I think the pens are important because especially during quarantine, journaling and kind of just letting your mind like go free, super important.

CLARISSA MOLINA: Let loose all your thoughts, you know the things that you have inside, and you can just empty your mind to get new things into your mind.

NURYS CASTILLO: Thank you for sharing your quarantine favorites.

CLARISSA MOLINA: Thank you for inviting me.

NURYS CASTILLO: Of course. And guys, please don't forget to watch Clarissa on "El Gordo y La Flaca" on Univision. Thank you.

CLARISSA MOLINA: Yes, follow me.