This uncooked Burger King patty has people spiraling

In today’s fast-food drama, a TikTok user is calling

out Burger King and claiming that the restaurant

served him a severely undercooked chicken patty.

On April 27, TikTok user tccausey24

uploaded a video of what appears to

be a Burger King chicken sandwich.

 In the video, which has more than

205,000 likes, tccausey24 shows

the center of the patty, which is

very clearly still raw.

“There ain’t no way someone looked

at this [and] said this thing cooked,”

tccausey24 says as he shows the

raw chicken to the camera.

In the comments, thousands of TikTok users have

expressed their anger on tccausey24’s behalf.

“If you don’t sue I will,” one person said. “don’t

be shy, SUE THEM!!!!” another user reiterated.

Surprisingly (and alarmingly), some people even noted

that they’ve had similar experiences at Burger King.

“They aren’t precooked. I had the same thing happen

to me at BK. They cook the chicken,” one person wrote.

“The same exact thing happened to

me at Burger King!” another user added.

The next time you order a burger from

Burger King, you might want to cut into

your patty before you take a bite