Um, These TikTok-Famous Tights Will Change How You Dress This Winter

These TikTok-Famous Tights Are V Cozy, PeopleCourtesy/Getty

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Is it just me, or does any desire to dress up go out the window once it actually starts to feel like winter? Sure, I love to rock a sweater dress and boots as much as the next trendsetter—but when it’s sooo cold that I feel like I’m lit-er-ally living in the tundra, ditching pants seems like a bad idea. So, more times than not, I stick to the same jeans and sweater combo. (Comfy? Yes. Ideal for fancier winter events? Not really.) Leave it to TikTok, though, to find the the perfect solution: fleece-lined tights.

In case you haven’t seen this cold-weather essential on your feed yet, let me break it down for you. At first glance, they look like any other pair of tights—with an opaque finish and some flesh tones. (We’d love to see a more shade-inclusive collection in these tights soon!) What makes them extra special, however, is that these leggings are lined with a super soft fleece (!) that will actually keep you warm (!!) this winter. A shiver-free way to rock a chic dress or skirt? Um, yes please. In fact, unless you own a pair of fleece-lined pants, these tights might be warmer than your go-to jeans.

Of course, there’s a lot more to these tights than their fleece lining. The elastic waistband offers a second skin-like fit, and they also come in two silhouettes—footed and stirrup—so you’re bound to find a pair that’s both comfy and cozy. Not to mention, you can snag some for around $25. And when you think about how much you’ll use these tights this winter, it’s a no-brainer.

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