Um, Margot Robbie Has 💯 Abs And Legs In A Cut-Out Gown In These Pics

margot robbie abs legs cut out dress
Margot Robbie Has Killer Abs In Cut-Out Dress PicsFrazer Harrison - Getty Images
  • Margot Robbie donned a cut-out wrap dress for the world premiere of her new film Babylon.

  • The actress hit the red carpet in style, showing off her sculpted legs and abs in the chic outfit.

  • Margot hasn't shared a ton about her health routines in recent years, but she tries to live an active lifestyle and enjoys Pilates.

Between the trailer for the Barbie movie dropping, and her new star-studded film Babylon premiering, Margot Robbie is a very busy woman right now.

But lucky for her fans, Margot took some time out of that hectic schedule to totally shut down the Babylon premiere red carpet in a abs-bearing black dress that showed everyone just how sculpted she is these days. The look was giving modernized 1920s glam, which is right on theme, since the movie itself is set in the 1920s.

There's no doubt in anyone's mind that Margot rocked the dress, which wrapped around her body and showed off her washboard abs and long, toned legs. The asymmetrical gown also featured a long black train with fur at the bottom for some added oomph. Mission accomplished, Margot.

Here's the look, in case you missed it on the red carpet:

<span class="caption">Margot Robbie at the <em>Babylon</em> premiere.</span><span class="photo-credit">Emma McIntyre - Getty Images</span>
Margot Robbie at the Babylon premiere.Emma McIntyre - Getty Images

If you’re wondering how Margot stays so strong while running around filming all of her big name movies, I’ve got you covered. She told The Telegraph, per Harper’s Bazaar that she liked to make exercise a part of her lifestyle. “I like to play tennis, run around the park or do a dance class with girlfriends,” she shared.

That being said, Margot shared that Pilates is usually her go-to workout for a quick sweat sesh. “If I’m making a conscious effort to exercise, I work with a Pilates trainer on a reformer machine, and that suits me and my body best,” she said.

Margot hasn’t shared a ton about her health regiment in recent years, but overall, she likes to keep a balance between fun and discipline.

“[I am] walking the line between having as much fun as possible and continuing to take care of myself,” she told The Telegraph, per Harper’s Bazaar. “Eating well and exercise need to be prevalent in my life so that I can feel my best, but I don’t want to dwell on it too much.”

Nice work, Margot. Now if you excuse me...I have a Barbie trailer to get back to!

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