Ultrasound reveals 2-year-old teeth and hair growing inside scared mom’s uterus: ‘This sounds like [a] horror movie’

A woman who was experiencing abnormal bleeding and abdominal pain made a shocking discovery at her gynecologist — and now, TikTokers are saying they’ll never forget stumbling across her story.

Mom @sandwitchbread gained over 1.7 million views and 300,000 likes when she shared her stunning diagnosis with the world.

While we’ve seen shocking medical mysteries go viral before — like the mom who went 25 years without knowing she had two vaginas, two cervixes and two uterusesTikTokers say this is one of the strangest stories they’ve ever heard.

And now, much like the mom who was horrified to discover hospital staff brought her the wrong baby not once, but twice, @sandwitchbread is encouraging all women to self-advocate for themselves at the doctor, especially when it comes to reproductive health.

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In her now-viral video, @sandwitchbread explained that two years after giving birth to her son Atlas, she began developing strange symptoms.

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When her doctor suggested they perform an ultrasound, the young mom grew nervous, fearing she was either pregnant or had cancer.

Instead, @sandwitchbread was hit with shocking news: For the past two years, her body had been growing teeth and hair inside her uterus.

She was informed it was a dermoid cyst, which is a growth of normal tissue enclosed in a pocket of cells. Occasionally, this growth can go on to develop bone, nerves, skin, sweat glands — or, in @sandwitchbread‘s case, teeth and hair.

In fact, her body had been working overtime on the tissue, developing it into two dermoid cysts, one “chicken egg-sized,” and one “the size of a pea.”

“I’m gonna show you guys what it looks like… Viewer discretion advised!”

Her doctor explained that when her son was still in utero, traces of fetal tissue separated from the developing fetus, which went on to become a dermoid cyst.

“So, for two years now, I’ve had particles of my son… growing in my uterus,” @sandwitchbread said in shock to the camera.

She then issued a “viewer discretion” to anyone watching her video, and warned she would be putting up a photo of a dermoid cyst — which seemed to horrify many TikTokers.

“You advised discretion for the photo and I THOUGHT I understood. But let me tell you, I WAS NOT READY FOR THAT PHOTO,” joked one user.

“This was the most disturbing TikTok I’ve ever seen,” one viewer wrote.

“Whoaaaa, that’s wild. I’ve never even heard of this. You learn something new every day,” another commented.

“I will never be able to forget this. I should have looked away,” wrote another user.

But while many viewers were shocked or grossed out by @sandwitchbread‘s video, many are thanking her for advocating for women’s health and sharing her experience with the world.

Now, the mom is encouraging everyone to seek medical attention if they’re experiencing unusual symptoms, and to self-advocate when they’re at the doctor’s office.

And as for her strange cysts? She’s named them Seymour and Archibald Winklet, and she’ll be scheduling their removal in the coming months.

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