Ukraine destroys Russian Buk air defense system, over 700 soldiers in last 24 hours

Ukrainian forces delivered effective strikes against the positions of the occupiers
Ukrainian forces delivered effective strikes against the positions of the occupiers

The Ukrainian Air Force made seven strikes on concentrations of Russian manpower over the last 24 hours, the General Staff said.

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Ukrainian warplanes hit a Buk-M1-2 air defense system, five areas where Russian soldiers were concentrated, three fuel depots, and a Zoopark radar reconnaissance and control complex.

An enemy Orlan-10 reconnaissance drone was also downed.

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Around 700 Russian invaders were killed during the day. Russia has now lost more than 155,000 soldiers since the full-scale invasion began.

According to the General Staff, as of March 8, Russian losses include (change over previous day in parentheses):

  • Personnel - about 155,530 (+700),

  • Tanks – 3,436 (+4) units,

  • Armored combat vehicles – 6,723 (+9) units,

  • Artillery systems – 2,463 (+7) units,

  • Multiple-launch rocket systems - 488 (+0) units,

  • Air defense equipment - 253 (+0) units,

  • Aircraft - 303 (+0) units,

  • Helicopters - 289 (+0) units,

  • UAVs of operational-tactical level – 2,098 (+3),

  • Cruise missiles - 873 (+0),

  • Warships / boats - 18 (+0) units,

  • Automotive equipment and tank trucks – 5,330 (+7) units,

  • Special equipment - 236 (+0).

According to Western intelligence, Russia has lost 20,000 to 30,000 invaders in its attempt to capture Bakhmut. Most of its losses in the area come from prisoners conscripted to Moscow’s Wagner private military company.

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