Uh, Cindy Crawford (And Her Abs) In A Bikini Just Said 56 Is The New 26

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  • ICYMI: Cindy Crawford is keeping things just as spicy as ever, and she's here to prove that with a new bikini pic on Instagram.

  • The supermodel, 56, shared a photo of her gleaming, sculpted abs while she gazes wistfully out at the view.

  • Cindy puts in serious work at the gym, doing everything from cardio work to regular strength training exercises.

Cindy Crawford has been living it up at the lake lately, and she just dropped a bikini pic on Instagram that has fans scraping their jaws off the floor.

In the photo, the 56-year-old supermodel is working a gorgeous navy string bikini under a fluffy white coat. Her abs are super toned and she’s gazing off into the distance, mulling over…something. But everyone else is just mulling over her washboard core.

“Apres swim 🤍,” she wrote in the caption.

Naturally, people had thoughts. “Hot!” wrote her model-daughter Kaia Gerber in the comments. “And still 🔥,” another said. "Always Beautiful 👏👏👏👏," a third chimed in.

It looks like Cindy is having a pretty epic time on vacay. She previously posted a video from her lake trip that featured her driving a boat like a champ. Captain Cindy, coming through!

Cindy has made it clear that she puts in a lot of work in the fitness department. She’s big on doing workouts with her trainer, Sarah Hagaman, and has even shared some BTS content from her workouts on Instagram. Last year, Cindy shared a “little ab routine” she and Hagaman came up with, demoing every single move for fans.

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That circuit includes things like bicycle crunches and sumo squats with side-to-side crunches. She then hit the mat and did low plank ab saws as she slowly rocks back and forth in a plank position, low planks with knee taps, bicycle crunches, hamstring holds and scissors, kneeling planks, and side-body raises with obliques. So yeah, it’s hardly shocking that Cindy has abs of steel.

Of course, she works other areas of her body at the gym. Cindy shared another video of herself doing ball squats to work her booty and core:

And she stays moving outside of the gym, too. She loves going on runs and will even hit the stairs for an added cardio burst.

A balanced workout routine also means doing some strength training, and Cindy makes sure to do full-body circuits and weighted squats to work her legs, per Women's Health. This can help with overall health and fitness, while also helping to prevent injuries.

Naturally, Cindy eats healthy, too, pointing out that it just feels good to her. “The more you eat healthy, the more you want to do it because you feel better," she told People. For her, that means noshing on things like salmon and asparagus or turkey meatballs over raw spinach.

Cindy Crawford, everyone!

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