This optical illusion of a pair of flip flops is making people question their sanity: 'Thought my brain was playing tricks'

Morgan Greenwald

In 2015, a photo of a dress took the internet by storm.

In a now-deleted post, a Tumblr user named swiked asked a simple question: Is this dress white and gold or black and blue?

People had a field day arguing over the colors of the dress. To date, it’s such a polarizing topic that telling people whether you see black and blue or white and gold is asking for a fight.

“If you think it’s blue and black, I’ll make you black and blue,” one person said.

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“It’s blue and black if you say white and gold you have dysfunctional eyes,” another Twitter user wrote.

Eventually, scientists and photoshop experts were able to prove that the dress in the infamous photo was, indeed, blue and black. However, recently, another similar “optical illusion” has resurfaced — this time in the form of a pair of flip flops.

Credit: Facebook/Lacie Marie
Credit: Facebook/Lacie Marie

On July 13, Facebook user Lacie Marie uploaded a photo of a pair of flip flops and asked her followers, “What color are these flip flops?”

The photo, which has been shared more than 8,000 times, has already divided hundreds of Facebook users — some of whom see black and blue, and some of whom see white and gold.

“I can only see black and blue. The dress I could see both,” one person said.

“Wait, these were gold and white earlier now they are blue and gray,” another user commented.

“I saw gold and white first in one room then when i closed it and opened back up black and blue,” a third person said. “Thought my brain was playing tricks.”

According to Pedestrian TV, this photo originally surfaced in 2016 — and at the time, Havaianas confirmed that the shoes were blue.

Credit: Havaianas
Credit: Havaianas

“The thong gods have answered your prayers and we are putting the great thong debate of 2016 to bed,” the spokesperson told Pedestrian TV. “Havaianas have confirmed the official coloring is navy blue and blue.”

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