Ugh, these flip flops are 'the dress' all over again

In 2015, a photo of a dresstook the internet by storm.In a now-deleted post, a Tumblr usernamed swiked asked a simple question: Is thisdress white and gold or black and blue?.To date, it’s such a polarizing topic thattelling people whether you see black and blueor white and gold is asking for a fight.Eventually, scientists and photoshopexperts were able to prove that the dress in theinfamous photo was, indeed, blue and black.Recently, another similar “opticalillusion” has resurfaced — this time inthe form of a pair of flip flops.On July 13, Facebook user Lacie Marie uploadeda photo of a pair of flip flops and asked herfollowers, “What color are these flip flops”.The photo, which has been sharedmore than 8,000 times, has alreadydivided hundreds of Facebook users.“I can only see black and blue. The dressI could see both,” one person said.“Wait, these were gold and white earlier now theyare blue and gray,” another user commented.“I saw gold and white first in one room then when iclosed it and opened back up black and blue,” a thirdperson said. “Thought my brain was playing tricks”

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