Uber's Annual Lost and Found List Will Have You Clutching Your Egg Cartons for Dear Life

Note to self: Do not forget the eggs.

<p>Courtesy of Uber</p>

Courtesy of Uber

Ever have that sinking feeling when you get out of an Uber that you forgot something important in the backseat? That's OK. You can always call your Uber driver to return it — and you're far from alone in being forgetful.

On Thursday, Uber released its seventh annual Uber Lost & Found Index, showing which items riders leave behind most often, including some very important groceries.

"With warmer weather ahead and Mercury going into Retrograde on the horizon, we're back with the seventh annual Uber Lost & Found Index," a spokesperson for Uber shared in a statement provided to Food & Wine. "As you get going this summer, try to remember your belongings when you exit the backseat. In case you do lose a precious Danny DeVito Christmas ornament, a beloved pet Toy Poodle or six cheesecakes, Uber is always happy to help return those items."

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The most common items left behind, Uber explained, include clothing, phones, backpacks, wallets, headphones, jewelry, keys, books, laptops, and watches. It added, there were many, shall we say, unique, items left behind, too — from that Danny DeVito Christmas ornament to 16 ounces of fake blood, a lightsaber, and even an actual dog.

But for us, the most egregious item left behind of all was eggs. Lots and lots of eggs.

"With the recent egg shortage, it's no yolk that eggs became a hot commodity," Uber joked in its report. "This past year, we saw an uptick in reports from riders who left behind their precious eggs and wanted to get their egg-cellent cargo back."

Riders seemed to leave plenty of other food and beverages in their rides as well. Uber broke it down into individual categories, with "a crab," saltine crackers, packets of honey, chicken fettuccine alfredo, and "leftovers from dinner" coming in at the top five. For beverages, "a case of '5 Hour Energy' drinks," Moët Champagne, a wine opener, a half gallon of Fireball whiskey, and something known as "My happy sauce" all came out on top.

As for what to do if you left something (or someone) in the car, don't panic. If it's been lost for less than two days, Uber says to "Call the driver — they're usually happy to return your belongings." Just use the call button in your order history, which remains active for 48 hours.

If it's been more than 48 hours, fill out this form from Uber, and pray your takeout hasn't gone bad.

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