Uber Eats Now Offers Nationwide Shipping — And It's Free

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Photo credit: Uber Eats
Photo credit: Uber Eats

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The Uber Eats universe is expanding yet again with the announcement that the food-delivery app will now provide nationwide shipping for select restaurants in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles.

"Over the last few years (especially during two years of lockdowns with decreased travel), consumers have shared their desire to bring specialty food items straight to their home," the company wrote in a press release. "But this isn’t just something consumers have asked for. We’ve heard loud and clear merchants’ desire to diversify their offerings and reach new consumers."

Among the treats you can order on the Uber Eats app and ship across the country are rueben sandwiches from Sarge's Deli in New York City, smoked curry oxtails from Bludso's BBQ in Los Angeles, and arepas loaded with shredded chicken and gouda cheese from Miami's Doggi's Arepa Bar. Wafels & Dinges in New York and Sabores Market in Miami made the list, too.

If you're already salivating at the idea of arepas from Miami delivered to your front door, we haven't even gotten to the best part: shipping is free!

But you're hoping to dive into that rueben sandwich the same day you ordered it, hold up. Keep in mind that deliveries, which will be made via FedEx, will take between five and seven business days, depending on your location. Shortly after placing your order via the Uber Eats app, you’ll receive an email with tracking information from FedEx.

Also, most nationwide orders are only available in bulk (so, a dozen bagels or a rueben sandwich kit for two). You likely can't order one arepa to be sent across the country. But no problem, that just mean you'll have amazing leftovers the next day.

Nationwide shipping is currently available for 15 restaurants, and Uber Eats plans to expand to more cities.

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