Uber driver shares shocking encounter with celebrity: 'I want to cry'

Kelsey Weekman
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Could you imagine anything more nerve-wracking than giving a ride to the most famous driving teacher on the planet?

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Andrew Vasquez, an Uber driver also known as andrewvasquez017 on TikTok, shared a video of a celebrity passenger he once drove home — Mary Jo Catlett, the actress who voiced Mrs. Puff on “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

On the Nickelodeon TV show, Mrs. Puff serves as the long-suffering boating (driving, but underseas, of course) instructor for the zany main character, SpongeBob.

She’s often exhausted with his ridiculously terrible driving skills, so a thoughtful driver was surely a welcome reprieve for her, spiritually speaking.

Credit: Nickelodeon
Credit: Nickelodeon

“Andrew is a wonderful driver, unlike SpongeBob,” Catlett said in the video, perfectly imitating the character she played for several years. “Andrew took me home tonight and I’m having a wonderful time with him … so I persuaded him to come to Bikini Bottom just for a little while so we could say hi to all of you!”

She then said goodbye and blew a kiss at the camera.

Commenters went wild, moved by how sweet the video was.

“She looks so sweet I want to cry,” one person wrote.

“Omg she is so precious, we must protect her at all costs!!” another said.

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