Tyra Banks, 47, Glows In A No-Makeup Video To Celebrate ‘DWTS’ Ratings Win

Tyra Banks, 47, Glows In A No-Makeup Video To Celebrate ‘DWTS’ Ratings Win
  • Tyra Banks must be really loving life. This past weekend, the 47-year-old supermodel and mogul celebrated Dancing With The Stars being on top of the ratings.

  • And just how did she celebrate? With some crunchy bacon, of course!

  • Tyra, who was frying things up in the kitchen, showed off her gorgeous complexion via a no-makeup Instagram video. Her secrets? Moisture and daily exfoliation.

Supermodel and businesswoman Tyra Banks did some celebrating this weekend in a way I can certainly get behind: by frying up some bacon!

“Last week Dancing With The Stars was number one in the ratings, baby,” the 47-year-old host of the reality dance show said in an IG video. “To celebrate that and the night that it was, which was Grease night, we’re frying bacon!”

And while that bacon looks divine (greasy, crispy, a little burnt) it was impossible to ignore the model-turned-mogul's glowing complexion in the new makeup-free video. So if her flawless skin has you wanting Tyra to drop the skincare deets, I’ve got you covered.

Tyra’s biggest tip, according to an interview with Total Beauty, is MOISTURE!

“I'm obsessed with moisture. I'm not afraid of oils. I think my obsession with moisturizing is one of the reasons I've held onto not looking my age,” Tyra shared. “My mom taught me to lotion every part of my body right after I get out of the shower or out of the bath before your skin dries up. So the buttocks, the boobs, the back, legs...I look like a Cirque du Soleil performer when I'm moisturizing.”

And who could forget when she shared her love affair with Vaseline on The Tyra Banks Show. (Can we please bring this back. I miss it).

Being the skincare queen she is, Tyra also exfoliates daily.

“A lot of people have told me that I look younger than I am. I really think it’s because I started exfoliating at birth!” Tyra told Essence. “I do it every night because I love that deep-clean feeling. My mom always told me it doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear, if the canvas isn’t right, you’re going to look clumpy, lumpy, patchy, and dry.”

And there you have it: bacon + moisture + exfoliation = perfect skin.

Problem solved!

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