Tyr, Whoop Team for ‘Smart’ Swimsuits

It’s now possible to get accurate metrics in the pool thanks to a partnership between Tyr and Whoop.

The swimwear brand and the human performance company have worked together to create smart swimsuits that can track workouts in the water.

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The men’s Durafast Elite Jammer or the women’s Durafast Elite Diamondfit swimsuits are targeted to competitive swimmers, triathletes, CrossFit athletes or anyone hoping to improve their efficiency in the water.

Tyr x Whoop Swimsuits feature an inner pocket that holds the Whoop 4.0 sensor, providing more-accurate data than that provided by smartwatches, which can be impacted by the drag of the water. The suits are antimicrobial, chlorine-proof and colorfast for at least 300 hours, the companies said.

The men’s Jammer model.
The men’s Jammer model.

“We created Whoop Body featuring Any-Wear Technology to give our members new ways to personalize their wearable experience to best fit their workouts,” said Joel Lessard, vice president of apparel and accessories at Whoop. “Tyr shares our vision to innovate at the intersection of activewear and physiological data collection to unlock unparalleled insights. Swimming is a high-output activity with passionate athletes, and our swimwear will empower them to find their edge to continue getting better.”

“As we continue our commitment to innovation, we are proud to partner with Whoop to connect athletes with the first-ever smart swimwear for an enhanced understanding of their training,” said Matt DiLorenzo, chief executive officer of Tyr “Tyr x Whoop swimsuits have the potential to make an immediate impact by providing data insight to drive performance.”

The swimwear retails for $79 for the men’s suit and $109 for the women’s and will be sold on the websites of both brands.

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