Tyler1 tries Vegemite and turns into a human thumb

A popular Twitch streamer recoiled in horror when he tried Vegemite for the first time. Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp was casually sampling foods sent to him by a fan in Australia when he found a tube of Vegemite within the gift package. He squirted some onto a plate and, against his own chat’s warning, took a big lick. It didn't go well. “What the f***?” Tyler said while squinting and waving his hand frantically. “It’s salty!”. His chat exploded in trolling and laughter as he curled his head back and his neck bulged, resembling a giant thumb. “Help! My face is stuck like this!” He continued. “What the f***!”. Vegemite is one of the most beloved food items in Australia, but outside of its home, it’s best known as a polarizing delicacy. Tyler ate a mouthful of Vegemite when it’s supposed to be used conservatively on toast with a smear of butter