Tyler Hynes On Giving A Modern Spin To The Classic Rom-Com In Hallmark’s “A Picture Of Her”

One of our Hallmark favorites is back with a romantic movie perfect for spring.

<p>©2023 Hallmark Media/Allister Foster</p>

©2023 Hallmark Media/Allister Foster

When Tyler Hynes was last seen on our television screens it was in the record-busting, hilarious comedy about three brothers, Three Wise Men and A Baby that he made with two of his real life buddies, Paul Campbell and Andrew Walker. Hallmark’s fan favorite holiday movie of last year was also “the most-watched cable TV movie of the year,” per Variety.

Now Hynes is returning to Hallmark with a new take on the romantic comedy, a genre with which Hynes is well versed. In a recent conversation with Southern Living, Hynes described it as “a warm kind of romantic modern ride.”

In A Picture of Her, Hynes plays Jake, a photojournalist who pays his bills covering the fast-paced lifestyles of celebrities that consumes popular culture while he longs to devote his life to his passion of fine art photography.

“I think basically that circumstance that he’s in is just a good example of a gentleman who is engaged in something that he doesn’t want to participate in per say and has let himself sort of become something that he doesn’t really want to be,” Hynes said of his character.

One assignment gives him a breath of fresh air—literally. Jake is sent to capture springtime at the farmer’s market. He finds Beth, played by Rhiannon Fish, and snaps a photograph of her that changes her life in an instant. His photograph, that he only accidentally delivers to his editor, makes the front cover of a magazine and Beth goes from working on her father’s fishing boat in the Pacific Northwest to the brand new “it” girl overnight.

But the pair don’t actually speak until a modern day meet-cute in a dog park. Hynes as Jake is walking a friend’s dog who, upon first glance, looks similar to the Canadian actor’s real life fur baby, Rusty James, so we had to ask if that was at all on the table. Would Rusty James be following Dad’s footsteps into stardom? “Yeah there was a moment where Kim from Three Wisemen was like ‘let’s get Rusty James in the movie!” and I was like I don’t know if Rusty James has it in him. I don’t know if he’s built for the stage. I’m not sure he has the focus,” he said with a hearty laugh. He went onto say the professional dog used in Picture of Her had much more training on set than perhaps his pup does.

“This lovely little lady was so well behaved and so cute. She was just chilling the whole time. It was the golden retriever that Rhiannon was truly struggling with the whole time. You can see it in the movie when she’s dragging this giant dog away. And I’m truly laughing because she’s truly having a [hard] time and I’m just chilling with my tiny little black blob of hair.”

And speaking again of the wildly successful Three Wisemen and a Baby, we did try to get the scoop out of Hynes on whether or not there will be a sequel. He gave us nothing. But if you caught the video the three men posted just a few weeks ago, it’s clear they are all still friends and in cahoots for a good time.

We’ll keep a sequel on our Christmas wish list for this year. In the meantime, watch Beth and Jake's love story unfold in A Picture of Her, when it kicks off Hallmark’s annual Spring Into Love programming on March 25.

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