Two Golden Retrievers Trying Green Beans Remind Us of Human Kids

Dogs will eat just about anything you put in front of them. At least that’s how it goes in our household. Our dogs will even all the veggies we put out. We’re extremely lucky because it’s not every day a child, both human and furry, will eat all the vegetables on their plate.

TikTok user @daisythegoldiee has two Golden Retrievers and both of their reactions are seriously so similar to children. As you get older, you start to actually enjoy vegetables, which is why the older of the two dogs quickly ate his green bean. The puppy on the other hand totally reminds us of a little kid. Luckily, she has her older sibling to step in!


Someone is a green bean thief 🥲

♬ Funny - Gold-Tiger

LOL! Why does this remind us of every kid ever? They’re kind of curious about vegetables but somehow in their head, they have the idea it’s gross. Soon enough their taste will evolve, and they’ll be stealing green beans just like this doggo was!

TikTokers are commenting on what was running through Daisy’s mind as she grabbed the green bean from the puppy. @ladyandtheblues wrote, “Daisy said, ‘I’m older.’” Oh, how we’ve heard that before! “Maple is too small, can’t finish all by herself!” commented Aww, see?! It wasn’t stealing. Daisy was just looking out for Maple. That’s a great sister! LOL!

“It's survival of the fastest,” said @kabochathegolden. LMAO! That’s how it’s done in our house. If you don’t jump at the opportunity to eat something in the fridge, it’ll be gone the next time you look! @daven_knight added, “Life lesson #1 – you eat whatever the humans give as fast as possible.” Exactly!

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