Two Couples, Different Outcomes! Cheating Scandal Rocks ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Finale

One couple is happy while another reveals bitter breakup during reunion show.

Bachelor in Paradise’s grand finale and reunion show on Tuesday night showed the two remaining couples both getting engaged.

But after taking their love into the real world, one twosome stayed together while another split apart amid alleged cheating.

And drama erupted when the broken couple argued during the reunion!

Host Jesse Palmer appeared before a studio audience, introducing a recap of what had happened on ABC’s BIP season 8.

What happened in Bachelor in Paradise finale reunion?

Here's an update on where the Bachelor in Paradise couples are now after the season 8 finale part 2.

Are Romeo and Kira still together?

Romeo and Kira, who had left Paradise together, still appeared to be a couple as they kissed on camera.

What happened with Kate and Logan reunited?

Broken up Kate and Logan then hashed things out. Although Kate had criticized Logan’s low income, she claimed at the reunion that it wasn’t about the car he drove but that he wasn’t ready for a “serious partnership.”

Logan is now doing well as an L.A. filmmaker, and griped that Kate had made fun of him for his previous odd jobs.

Are Jacob and Jill together?

Jill lost her love Jacob during BIP’s infamous split week, as he had a fling with Kate.

But Jacob told the crowd he had regrets, and then said, “I have such a connection with you, Jill….I’m open to a relationship with you if you are.”

Jill agreed, and Jacob picked her up like Tarzan and carried her backstage!

Did Eliza and Rodney get back together?

Eliza told Rodney after dropping him to pursue Justin that her love triangle had been a mistake. Justin had later rejected her.

Still-healing Rodney wished Eliza the best.

Are Genevieve and Aaron still friends?

The season’s most explosive couple hit the hot seat and both admitted their recap was hard to watch.

It included Genevieve trying to leave the beach twice with her suitcase following their fights.

They hadn’t spoken since breaking up on camera in Mexico.

Genevieve apologized to Aaron for “not handling the tough times better,” while Aaron conceded that he had been “prideful” and said he was sorry for his “failure.”

They parted as friends.

What went wrong between Brittany and Tyler?

Fans last saw the two happily leaving side-by-side in the BIP van, but Tyler attended the reunion show solo.

“It’s clear we’re not together,” Tyler told Jesse.

Tyler and Brittany had visited each other’s families, but later, she traveled alone and face-timed him from Italy saying “she couldn’t do it anymore,” he confided.

Sadly, it was the same day The Bachelorette episode aired in which Rachel Recchia was seen dumping Tyler!

Brittany joined Tyler on the hot seat, saying she had asked him for a break but he kept contacting her.

“I loved you so much. That was real to me,” she claimed.

But it was obvious that Brittany considered their relationship over—and Tyler seemed devastated.

Are Danielle and Michael still together?

The two are still very much together!

Danielle revealed she was moving to Michael’s city, Akron, Ohio, but will live separately from him and his young son, James, while pursuing their relationship.

Widower Michael said James is bonding remarkably with Danielle. Then he told her, “I love you” for the first time at the reunion show.

“Are you serious? I’m as shocked as s--- now,” said Danielle, who had privately told Michael she loved him before.

Did Victoria and Johnny get engaged?

The focus then shifted to Serene and Brandon and Victoria and Johnny concluding their journeys for ABC’s cameras.

After sharing a fantasy suite with Victoria, Johnny selected an engagement ring from jeweler Neil Lane.

Then he reunited with her on the beach and she told him tearfully, “I can’t imagine life without you. I’m completely head over heels,”

Johnny told her, “I will never leave your side, ever….You’re my queen.”

He got down on one knee, asked Victoria, “Will you marry me?” and opened the box with the ring.

Johnny put the ring on Victoria’s finger and she said, “I love you.”

They shouted, “We’re engaged!” and Johnny picked her up.

“He’s off the market! Sorry, bitches!” Victoria exulted.

Did Victoria and Johnny breakup?

Jesse noted that fans had become aware through social media that Victoria was allegedly romancing Greg Grippo, who had appeared on Katie Thurston’s The Bachelorette season in 2021.

Johnny confirmed at the reunion show, “As of right now, me and Victoria are not engaged anymore. It really does break my heart.”

The BIP hunk said he didn’t feel like he was good enough for Victoria and they had started fighting.

Jesse brought Victoria onstage for a conversation.

“I feel good,” she shrugged to the host, then touched Johnny on the shoulder and said, “Hi, by the way.”

Victoria explained their post-show love had been all rainbows at first but sighed, “When we got into the real world…we had a lot of ups and downs.”

Johnny said they’d agreed to work on their relationship, but Victoria snapped, “That fits your narrative.”

He challenged her, saying, “There’s rumors you had cheated on me” with Greg.

Victoria huffed, “I know you know that not to be true.”

The brunette beauty claimed to Johnny, “You called me a f---ing bitch” and said I didn’t cook or clean!

Johnny said that was a joke, but Victoria insisted he’d called her names and had been sexist.

Is Victoria dating Greg Grippo?

According to Johnny, Victoria had posted photos of Greg when he thought they were working things out in therapy.

Jesse asked Victoria, “Are you dating Greg Grippo?”

“Yes. Greg and I are together,” she admitted.

But Victoria staunchly denied cheating on Johnny with him, saying, “Absolutely not.”

Johnny told her he wished her the best and left, before Greg was brought on the show.

Johnny met with pal Tyler outside to gripe about Victoria never truly loving him and talking to Greg when they were still together.

Greg told the audience that he and Victoria had met last year through mutual friends but then she starred on Paradise. After the show, they’d rekindled their relationship.

Greg had invited Victoria to Rome and she’d said yes.

“Everyone can hate us if they f---ing want,” she said.

After showing off matching tattoos they got in Italy, Victoria and Greg left together!

Did Serene and Brandon get engaged?

The two shared morning after bliss in the fantasy suite.

“I’m excited to love you forever,” Brandon said.

Later, they came together on the beach, with Serene calling it “fairytale love.”

“We have two hearts cut from the same cloth. I’ve found my best friend…my soul mate. I love you so much,” she said.

Brandon got down on one knee and asked, “Will you make me the happiest man to walk this earth? Will you marry me?”

Serene nodded and whispered yes.

He put the ring on her finger, they kissed and he picked her up in the air.

Did Serene and Brandon get married on the show?

Jesse appeared and told them he’d become ordained to perform their wedding—if they wanted one right then and there!

However, cameras switched back into the studio and Brandon said, “We are NOT married.”

But he promised fans, “We’re going to get married.”

Brandon explained that they couldn’t tie the knot without their families being there!

The crowd cheered as the show ended.

A preview for the next The Bachelor starring Zach Shallcross showed the former The Bachelorette suitor looking for love with multiple ladies, hot tubs, and tears! It premieres Monday, Jan. 23 on ABC.