Twitter user creates real-life in-flight rom-com after a seat switch and meet-cute


After this real-life romance went viral on Twitter, the lovebirds were quickly identified — and get this: The hunky guy is former pro soccer player and model Euan Holden! He, along with Rosey Blair and Houston Hardaway, appeared on NBC’s Today show; the woman named Helen chose not to be on camera.

Holden gushed over Helen, saying: “She’s a very, very lovely girl. She’s very attractive, beautiful.”

He added that they are planning to meet again soon.


This Twitter story is the in-flight rom-com of the summer. As if ripped from a tagline of a ’90s romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock, a woman may have just cast herself as the lead’s best friend.

Rosey Blair shared on Twitter an epic romantic story. It has everything: quirky, fun characters, two beautiful personal trainers as the lead, a slow, flight-long unfolding tale of “will they or won’t they?”

As every good romantic comedy begins, it starts with a meet-cute. Blair wasn’t initially sitting next to her boyfriend on an airplane, so she asked a woman to trade seats with her. When the woman agreed, she turned to her boyfriend and said, “I hope she meets the love of her life.”

Enter male romantic lead — a former pro soccer player.

Blair mentioned that she noticed they both weren’t wearing wedding rings and that their arms just happened to keep brushing against each other as they shared an armrest.

I ask you, who shares an armrest with a stranger? No one, unless you realize that the person is the love of your life.

Even a baby realized that they’re perfect together.

The woman went to the restroom with her hair up, and she returned to her seat with her hair down. A classic romantic-comedy move — allow me to remove my ponytail and glasses, so you realize that I am the woman of your dreams.

When the drink cart rolled nearby, Blair and her boyfriend ran a poll suggesting that the man would buy his new seatmate a drink.

Naturally, as personal trainers, they opted for no booze … but they did share a cheese assortment, which is even more romantic.

Things were starting to heat up — and not just because the air conditioning onboard wasn’t working. The two former strangers kept creeping closer and closer together.

The two went to the restroom at the same time, and when they returned, they helped each other clean up their space.

It should be noted that the hero, Rosey Blair, spent money to buy Wi-Fi to bring you this tale. Someone get this girl a GoFundMe for her service.

Blair promised her followers that she would follow the couple to baggage claim, and she does not disappoint. She also noted that the two lovebirds followed each other on Instagram.

You would think that would be the end of the story, but you’re wrong. Just like every romantic comedy, there has to be a delicious wrap-up, so you know they lived happily ever after.

Blair and her boyfriend are doing God’s work — they found both the woman and man on Instagram.

Here’s the scoop: They’re both single. And they’re both located in the same city.

Can we get Rosey Blair an invite to this wedding or what?

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