Twitter reacts to Burger King's new 'fake burger'

Burger King Japan announced on Oct. 23 that some of its locations would start selling a mysterious “fake burger” for only two weeks. Now, it’s been confirmed that it’s not a burger at all — it’s just a pile of French fries smushed between two buns. The “burger” is called a chip butty and Burger King is no stranger to the trend. Chip butties are very popular as a cheap sandwich option around the U.K. The “fake burger” is made with layers of thick French fries, topped with “meat sauce” — minced beef and mayonnaise — and a sesame seed bun. It can also come in a meal with a side of fries (in case you didn’t have enough) and a drink. Naturally, Burger King fans on Twitter had a lot to say about this “fake burger,” including people who were annoyed the meal wasn’t entirely meat-free. “It’s like putting another piece of bread between [two] pieces of other bread and saying look I made a sandwich,” one person tweeted. Burger King has been in the news a lot recently, particularly for its over-the-top marketing stunts