Twitter may have figured out the answer to that viral ‘nursing assistant’ TikTok riddle: 'What did she even MEAN?'

A confusing internet riddle may have finally been solved. And no, the answer is not “nurning annintant.”

Last December, the user @thisis_bex (who has since deleted their account) posted a video with a cryptic message. It featured innocuous footage of a woman posing in front of the bathroom mirror. But it was the accompanying caption that left people stumped.

What is the nursing assistant (nurning annintant) riddle?

“Imagine how good your life would be if you had a 26yo nursing assistant by your side, now replace S with N,” the video text read.

Most people’s instincts were to swap the “S” and “N” in “nursing assistant,” which clearly made no sense. TikTokers then stitched the video to both mock and determine the answer.

“Girl, what? Nurning annintant!” @giafromthe90s joked in a stitch.

“Nurning annintant by your nide,” a person replied.

“A twenty nix year old nurning annintant,” another said.

“What did she even MEAN. I can usually figure out what ppl are trying to do but I’m lost,” someone wrote.

Not even an AI could solve the nursing assistant riddle

On Jan. 11, @ranjodhd tweeted that the cryptic message was the “biggest unsolved intellectual question of our era.”

“It’s bait to get people to comment. I’ve seen other variations. All the same they make no sense and that’s by design,” the user @GodSaveMcQueen_ speculated in a reply.

However, that doesn’t account for deleting the post and the account that created it.

When @v_alexey tried to get an AI to solve the riddle, it concluded that the image might be discriminatory but said the post’s intent was not clear.

What is the answer to the nursing assistant riddle?

Every now and then, a hero comes along. Somehow, the user @CdotRomano arrived at a seemingly correct answer.

“I think the implied answer to ‘how good your life would be…’ is ‘so good’, which after swapping S->N would = ‘no good’, so its a self-deprecating joke of sorts,” he explained.

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