Twitter Can't Get Enough of Kamala Harris's Facial Expressions During the 2020 VP Debate

Photo credit: ROBYN BECK - Getty Images
Photo credit: ROBYN BECK - Getty Images
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On Wednesday night, Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris faced off in the 2020 Vice Presidential debate at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. The candidates verbally sparred for 90 minutes from behind plexiglass dividers, but the real winner of the night—at least according to Twitter—was Sen. Harris's facial expression. That raised eyebrow? That look your mom gives you when she knows you're lying to her face? It's all there.

As anyone could have guessed, the pandemic—and the super-spreader Rose Garden ceremony—were major topics. When Mike Pence, who claims he tested negative for COVID-19 following the event, said that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were "playing with people's lives," Twitter raised its collective eyebrow. And since it's 2020, we had to confront the topic of whether we believe in science (despite the fact that the West Coast is burning), and no one is amused:

For some reason "fracking" seemed to be the favorite word of the night:

And on that note, this is about how we feel about this night so far:

Here are some more of the perfectly *chef's kiss* reactions from this Vice Presidential debate.

Sen. Harris's facial reactions to everything Vice President Pence says

That fly in Pence's hair


Harris defining "debt," JIC

Harris when Pence interrupts her

Pence saying "stop playing with people's lives"

Pence and abortion

Anyway. Good night!

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