Twin Skiers Keep It In The Family With Instant-Classic Edit

Chase and Anders Ujejski perplex me. They're twins and top-notch skiers, a combination that should warrant lots of attention, yet they don't appear frequently in the skiing mainstream. Why is that? I'm not sure. But it's a shame, given how enjoyable it is to watch them thrown down on skis.

Earlier this week, the Ujejski twins released "+TWO+," further cementing their position as skiers you ought to know. Seriously, it's park skiing at its very best. Check it out below.

See what I mean? These twins are elite skiers. If I didn't know any better, I'd guess this was a video uploaded by a household Red Bull-sponsored name like Bobby Brown or Torin Yater-Wallace.

But no, it's actually Chase and Anders Ujejski, who I occasionally forget exist due to the lack of media attention that comes their way. That is until they drop another stellar part like "+TWO+."

And stellar it is. Everything, from the twins' impeccable ski style to the song selection, is on point with this one. It conjures classic edits of days past, many of which have been supplanted by quick-hit TikToks and Instagram reels.

I have to say; it felt fantastic to sit down and watch "+TWO+" uninterrupted. The experience was entirely more satisfying than half-watching 15 skiing Instagram reels.

So, thanks to Chase and Anders for putting this one together and distracting me for a brief, merciful moment from the onslaught of skiing shorts populating the internet these days.

And for those just hearing the names Chase and Anders Ujejski, don't forget them. These guys deserve all the credit and attention that comes their way.

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