Emily Ratajkowski Says She's "Waiting for the Right Girl to Date"

In the latest 🤯 celeb dating news, Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski were spotted making out in the streets of Tokyo on Saturday, March 25.

According to photos and video obtained by The Daily Mail, the 29-year-old pop superstar and 31-year-old model were seen *passionately* locking lips outside a venue, by a van. The pair is seen holding hands, and at one point, EmRata wraps her arms around Harry’s neck as he grabs onto her waist. The outlet reports that the pair were “dancing with each other” alongside a group of people.

Harry was in Tokyo at the time for his Love On Tour concert series, although it’s unclear if EmRata was at one of the shows. The “As It Was” singer split from ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde in November 2022, and four months later, was rumored to be dating someone new. One insider told The Mirror, per The Daily Mail, in February 2023 that “Harry is seeing someone” and is “going to great lengths to keep her identity quiet after the circus surrounding his relationship with Olivia.” Is EmRata the mystery girl?

The supermodel has been linked to comedians Pete Davidson and Eric André following her divorce from ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in September 2022. But the flirtationships have fizzled out since.

Neither Harry nor EmRata have confirmed their relationship status, but we’re here to break down everything we know so far (including when Harry first named EmRata his celeb crush 👀). Keep reading for a complete timeline of Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski’s rumored romance.

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May 9: 2023: EmRata Says She'd 'Love' to Explore Her Sexuality and Date a Woman

In a feature for HOMMEGIRLS Vol. 9, Emily Ratajkowski was asked if she'd ever date a woman, to which she replied, "I would love to. Waiting for the right one to come around." Emily came out as bisexual last October.

"I’ve always been someone who’s more attracted to vibe than specifics of physicality so sometimes it’ll just randomly hit me, and I’ll be like, ‘Whoa, I’m attracted to this person!"

She went on to say that she is no longer settling in relationships.

"I'm proud of myself. Younger version of myself would have probably settled for some mid dude just to have a [boyfriend]. Glad I'm not in that era anymore."

May 7, 2023: EmRata Says She's "Picking Out A Husband" at Formula One

EmRata headed to Miami for the Grand Prix and hopped on a viral TikTok trend, where she claimed she was "picking out a husband at #F1." The model posed throughout a step and repeat with the viral "Beyonce x My Husband x Casa Di Remix" sound playing in the background. The model's quest for a hubby comes almost two months after she was spotted making out with Harry Styles in Japan.

April 25, 2023: Olivia Wilde Wants EmRata to "Keep Her Name Out of Her Mouth"

An inside source has revealed to DailyMail that Harry's ex Olivia Wilde has admitted that she wants EmRata to 'keep her name out of her mouth,' and that she should 'focus on being a mom instead of dating everyone she sees.' The source said that Olivia feels 'betrayed' by Emily.

"They have not had any confrontation because Olivia has not spoken to Emily since then. She betrayed her and broke girl code," the insider said.

This came after Emily said that she felt bad for Oliva, which reportedly left the actress and director angry.

"Emily shouldn't feel bad for Olivia. She should re-examine her dating life and the men she chooses to go out with," the source revealed. "Emily should really just focus on being a mom."

April 22, 2023: EmRata Says She “Feels Bad” for Olivia Wilde

Although we’re all still reeling from the Harry and EmRata romance rumors, the supermodel recently admitted that she never expected her streamy make-out sesh with the singer to go viral.

“I didn’t expect this to happen, but I think, in general, there’s a reason certain celebrities live in LA, hire security, don’t go to public restaurants,” she said in an April 20 interview with Spanish Vogue, per Page Six. “It’s very bizarre to have certain experiences and then have the whole world know and comment on them.”

EmRata then reflected on what it’s like to be single since her divorce, and said that the attention her relationship status draws is “very strange.”

“Not that I’m surprised, but it’s a tiny slice of my life,” she added. “Most of my life is focused on my son and my work. But I guess these issues don’t inspire the same flashy headlines. The invasion of private aspects is very hard for me.”

Among the various headlines is speculation that EmRata and Harry’s ex, Olivia Wilde, are in an alleged feud since the now-famous kiss. But in her interview with Spanish Vogue, Emily seemingly shut down the rift rumors. “That’s how it is. Just an unfortunate issue,” she said. While discussing how “frustrating” it is to see the “attack narrative” women face on social media, EmRata brought up Olivia.

“In case you ask me about it, it’s more of the same,” she said. “I feel bad for Olivia [Wilde], because she has had to suffer this situation on several occasions.”

April 12, 2023: EmRata Seen With Her Ex-Husband for the First Time Since Split

Dating rumors have been swirling around Harry and Emily since last month, when the two were spotted making out in Tokyo. In some paparazzi pics taken on Wednesday, EmRata was seen with her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in New York City. Before this, they had not been publicly seen together since their split in July. The two co-parent their two-year-old son, Sylvester Apollo. In the photos, Sebastian carried Sylvester on his shoulders as Em smiled excitedly, stretching her arms out to pick him up.

April 6, 2023: EmRata Says “Sometimes Things Just Happen” Amid Harry Styles Kiss

EmRata opened up to the Los Angeles Times about the constant rumors surrounding her dating life. “There are a million insane, inaccurate things about my relationships [that are said],” the supermodel explained. EmRata steered clear of mentioning Harry directly in her chat with the outlet. Despite rumors previously linking her to celebs, including the “As It Was” singer and comedian Pete Davidson, EmRata says, “definitely still not thinking about guys,” but she did admit that “sometimes things just happen.”

April 4, 2023: EmRata Reveals She’s Been Dating Harry for Two Months Now

EmRata spilled in a podcast back on March 9, about two weeks before they were spotted making out in Tokyo, that she and Harry have been an item since February. Although she never named names, she did say she’d been seeing him for four weeks at that point. Putting two and two together, it’s pretty clear that the mystery man she was referring to is none other than Harry Styles. She also confessed that she hopes he’s ‘the one’ and that their relationship will be long-term. Just last week, however, a source claimed that EmRata wasn’t “looking for anything serious.”

The model swooned over the singer on the Going Mental with Eileen Kelly podcast, saying, “I just started dating someone that I think I like, so that is different. I was like, ‘He’s kind of great.’”

“What do I look for in a partner? I like someone that is very independent. I think, for me, that's very important because I do have a full life. I’m hoping that dating someone that has more of their own life will prevent the issues I had before,” EmRata continued.

Before Harry, Em also dated comedians Pete Davidson and Eric André earlier this year.

March 29, 2023: Sources Claim Harry Is “Very Attracted” and “Thrilled” to Be “Hooking Up” with EmRata

Things are heating up for Harry and EmRata after their makeout sesh. A source close to the situation dished to Us Weekly about where they both stand at the moment. Harry has “always been very attracted to Emily,” the insider said. The Harry’s House singer is reportedly “thrilled” about “hooking up” with EmRata although things may not go too far between them. The supermodel is newly single following her divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard. “Emily isn’t looking for anything serious,” the source added. “She’s just trying to live her best single life and have fun.”

March 28, 2023: EmRata Reveals She Gives “No F---s” Amid Harry Styles Dating Rumors

In a new interview with Elle published on March 28, EmRata stated she's currently in her "giving-no-f—s" era amid Harry romance rumors. "I'm definitely in a giving-no-f—ks period of my life," the model said. "I was playing with my son, building his magnet tiles with him, and I was like, 'Huh, I wonder if I'm going to come out of this period and be like, 'Damn, I really give a f—k now, and I wish I had handled things differently.'"

An anonymous source also told Us Weekly that Harry and Emily's inner circles are happy with their connection. "Everyone is happy because they're both single and really enjoying their carefree romance," the insider explained, noting that "friends don't know" if their alleged relationship "will work out long term."

March 27, 2023: EmRata Wants Olivia Wilde’s Forgiveness

The fallout from the new couple's out-of-the-blue make-out sesh in Tokyo has begun. It turns out that EmRata's friendship with Olivia is currently on the rocks after she kissed the director's ex-boyfriend. A source tells Page Six that EmRata is currently "begging for [Olivia's] forgiveness." The same source stated plainly, "This is betrayal." Oof.

To make things even stickier, there's photo evidence that the two women hung out recently at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty. They posed for a photo together along with model Adwoah Aboah. Images of EmRata and Olivia hanging out at Harry's concert in Paris have also begun to resurface on Twitter. 😬

2023 vanity fair oscar party hosted by radhika jones inside
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March 26, 2023: Harry and EmRata Are Reportedly “Friendly”

Although photos of their steamy make-out definitely seem to suggest so, one insider told People that “Harry and Emily know each other” and “they have been friendly for a while.”

The source also added that EmRata is “friendly” with Harry’s ex, Olivia Wilde. However they didn’t expand on how close that friendship is.

March 25, 2023: Harry and EmRata Are Spotted Making Out in Tokyo

The pair sparks dating rumors after they were seen passionately kissing on the streets of Tokyo. Per photos and video obtained by The Daily Mail, Harry wears a black jacket, pants, and white shirt, while EmRata sports a cropped jacket and long black skirt.

The outlet also reports that, yes, the two follow each other on Instagram.

December 18, 2014: Harry Calls EmRata His Celebrity Crush

Did you think this relationship TL would date back nine years? Me neither. But here we are, because it appears that Harry’s been crushing on EmRata since his One Direction days.

In a resurfaced interview with TeleHit from December 2014, per Page Six, the One Direction bandmates are asked to reveal their celebrity crushes, and Harry replies, “Emily Ratajkowski from Gone Girl.” OMG.

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