Turns Out Cats Have a Specific Criteria for Which Humans They Make Friends With

We all have that one friend who we call the cat whisperer. No matter where they go cats either seem to follow them, or they magically find stray kittens, or all of the pet cats immediately jump on their laps and curl up for a cuddly little nap.

Well, TikTok user @mimi_starr claims to have cracked the code for the reason why cats love certain people. Watch the following video to see if you agree.

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LOL! We aren't sure it's quite as simplistic as all this! HealthyPaws claims the reason why cats may favor one person over another has more to do with communication, and that since cats are quite the communicators, and they have a special appreciation for people who can understand their needs. Including food, affection and playtime. They also say cats may base their favorite person on how comfortable their lap is!

A lot of TikTok viewers also pointed out how so many cats gravitate towards those people who say they don't like cats, and that the cat ends up winning this person over. @Tigerlily comments, "My husband stated he hates cats, then when I moved in with my cat she stole him." That's usually how it goes. I think people who "hate" cats have just never known a cat. Or else they are just total jerks. @Kat replies, "And that's why my dad now has a best friend even if he swore he won't accept animals in his home." @Ahri asks, "Then why do they seek that person in the room, who dislikes cats the most?"

We like to think that cats are just super intuitive and they magically know that they can win over just about anyone!

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