I Turned "Smelly" Fermented Fish Sauce Into The Best Hot Pocket | Smelly Good

One of the things that comes up in the food I make is the ingredients being classified as “smelly”. Think of durian (yes, we made a pie out of it last episode), limburger cheese, or fish sauce. I’m here to show you that these funky often times misunderstood ingredients are the key to really delicious foods. Enter: Padaek! This ingredient is near and dear to my heart—and took a while for me as a kid to appreciate. Padaek is actually the big brother to fish sauce; it’s fermented and made out of fresh water fish, sticky rice, salt that you let sit for at least six months, but some people let it ferment for years. (The longer it ferments, the better the flavor… some people can ferment it for 25 YEARS.) To show you that padaek can be used in nearly anything; I’m going to combine it with a food we all love to hate: Hot Pockets.