Turkeys Responding to a Person Whistling Is Totally Unexpected

This took us by surprise.

Some of you might already know that turkeys are quite vocal due to their infamous gobbles. And if you didn’t know that turkeys are loud, just ask any turkey owner. They’ll tell you just how noisy these animals can be. Some will even tell you that you can “talk” with turkeys.

An example of this comes from TikTok user @hardhatkas. In a clip that has over 2.2 million views within the first few days of being posted, this TikToker showed us how she gets a turkey to respond. Both the method and the response are totally unexpected and hilarious. Take a look!

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O.M.G. Why have we never known this is the case before?! Not that we're ever really near a pack of turkeys, but just in case we are, we now know what to do. LOL!

Another TikTok user, @breounanmcculloug, commented, “I laughed way too hard at this.” HA! So did we! We were completely shocked that they talked back like this. And then of course we had to play it a few times over because we couldn’t get enough! As it turns out, we’re late to the party about knowing this trick.

TikTokers are saying turkeys will respond pretty much to any loud noise. “Fun fact…turkeys will ‘talk’ back even when you simply start talking to them. But the whistle is amazing and I’m definitely going to try,” said @alexisburger12. We don’t care if they gobble back if you say anything loudly to them. It’s so much cooler when you whistle. LOL! “Have to try that one,” added @tisbill. You definitely won’t be the only one!

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