Turkey Sends Mexico a German Shepherd Puppy to Honor Search Dog Who Died in Earthquake Rescue

Turkey has gifted Mexico a German Shepherd puppy as a gesture of thanks after the Mexican government sent search dogs to Turkey after the horrific earthquake that killed over 50,000 people in February.

The puppy was gifted after Mexico lost one of their famed rescue canines named Proteo, a nine-year-old German Shepherd, who bravely managed to locate a man and a woman from under debris after the earthquake. Proteo died while in Turkey. The BBC reports that his trainer denied rumors that the dog had been hit by falling rubble, saying that he had died from "exhaustion" after the long journey and arduous hours searching for survivors in very cold conditions. Watch the following clip to see the adorable new addition to the Mexican canine team!

Mexico said Turkey's canine gift showed that "humanitarian aid knows no limits or borders". Proteo's remains were returned to Mexico, where he was honored in an emotional ceremony before he was buried. The dogs are trained by Mexico's Ministry of Defense, and they have asked the public to help name the new puppy. The suggestions are Proteo II, Arkadas (Turkish for "friend") or Yardim (Turkish for "help").

What a beautiful gesture to commemorate the brave service dog who worked to save the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey. Here's wishing the new addition a long and happy life full of treats and pets.

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