Tula Taps Five Influencers for #EmbraceYourSkin Initiative

Tula is furthering its commitments to promoting body positivity, empowerment and pushing beauty industry standards with its #EmbraceYourSkin initiative led by five major influencers.

The probiotic-based skin care brand tapped Tess Holliday, Tennille Murphy, Nyma Tang, Chizi Duru and Weylie Hoang for the initiative, which launches Monday. Each influencer has curated their own limited-edition #EmbraceYourSkin kit with existing Tula products that target a skin care concern, such as hydrating, clarifying, exfoliating, brightening and ageless skin. The influencers have also created skin care tutorials with their kits where they give insight into their own beauty journeys and provide advice for feeling empowered.

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The influencers joined Tula for a virtual panel to discuss the partnership, as well as what they think needs to be done to continue the movement of body positivity in the fashion and beauty industries.

“I’ve seen the fashion industry shift, but not enough because you’re still not seeing a lot of plus-size folks in the high-fashion world that definitely need to be there,” Holliday said. “Representation is key no matter what you look like and no matter what your body type is, but we’re still seeing a certain body type. We’re still seeing folks who are hourglass and have proportioned bodies. You’re still seeing a lot of those beauty standards perpetuated and it is frustrating because we’ve seen all of this progress, but why are we still not seeing this progress reflected in mainstream media and in fashion? It’s a really stark reminder that there is still so much work to be done.”

Murphy, a lifestyle influencer, touched on “ageless beauty” during the panel, which is how Tula approaches the concept of antiaging in a more positive way.

“I feel there is a stigma behind getting old or aging,” she said. “I know we want to see diversity, but when it comes to age, it’s still a category that we don’t see so much. I don’t know if people just think they’re going to be in their 20s and 30s forever, but I know that my audience enjoys seeing someone that not only looks like them as a Black woman, but they can just have a crystal ball of, ‘oh wow this might be me with white hair,’ or this might be how I can age with grace in the future, so I’m happy to be a representation of that.”

Through the initiative, Tula is also tasking the five influencers to choose three micro-influencers each that promote confidence and empowerment to also partner with the brand. This initiative is part of Tula’s mission to create relationships with smaller creators from diverse and underrepresented communities.

Each of the five kits comes with two products housed in Tula’s holographic makeup bag. The kits are available through the brand’s website and range in price from $64 to $80.

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