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Who knew this $11 hair-catcher could keep your shower clog-free?

As a long-haired being, I've struggled for years to keep lost strands from clogging the drain. This is not the biggest problem in the world, but it sure is a consistent one. No matter how vigilant I am about clearing the drain after each shower, inevitably there's a clog forming in the pipe below. I’ve tried all types of hair catchers, wasted time and money with plumbers and regrettably used Drano in desperate moments. Then I discovered the TubShroom, a deceptively simple device that changed everything.

Don't let a clogged tub get you down. This ingenious device will keep hair out of your drain and water flowing freely.
$11 at Walmart

The genius of the TubShroom lies in its brilliant design. The TubShroom is covered in holes to allow water to pass through, and hair (human or pet) gets wrapped around the tube in one central place for easy cleaning. The product is made of silicone—making it flexible and easy to fit in a variety of tub drains (TubShroom recommends drains 1.5-inch to 1.75-inch inches wide).

Best of all, Walmart has it for the cheapest price we've found on the 'net.

The TubShroom protects your drain from nasty hair clogs. (Photo: TubShroom)

An inexpensive solution

Overall, the TubShroom was by far the most effective solution of anything I've tried — plus, it’s cheap and it's easy on the eyes. I bought the TubShroom in white to match my tub, but it’s also available in green, blue, gray, orange and clear. Since my first TubShroom purchase, I’ve replaced it only once, a year later. The original Shroom still worked — it just wasn’t as crisp white as it used to be. But according to TubShroom, you won’t need to replace it for at least 10 years.

Is the TubShroom a game-changer? Absolutely. Did it change my life? 100%. Do I recommend it? With every fiber of my being — and every hair on my head. But I'm not the only one who loves it.

Catches a ton

Says a very satisfied shopper: “The key is, after every shower, clean it of the hair that has accumulated and then place back in the drain for your next shower. NO more clogs. I'm amazed. So much so, I am buying two more to keep on hand...it works like a charm! I'm saving a fortune in liquid plumber etc. Thank you!!!!”

Another adds, "This works so great. Catches the hair in the shower and we shed a lot. I usually have to call Roto Rooter at least once or twice a year for hair clogs. Not anymore."

Illustration of tub shroom in action in a sink drain, collecting hair before it goes down the pipes
The TubShroom can protect your drain from nasty hair clogs. (Photo: TubShroom)

Easy to clean

To keep your TubShroom lasting long, you do need to be diligent about cleaning the hair out. Every day is not necessary, but shoot for every few days. I also suggest cleaning it out when it’s dry — not immediately after showering (it’s quicker and lessens the ick factor). If you want to go above and beyond, I recommend rinsing the TubShroom after removing the hair so that the “pores” won’t get clogged over time.

“I use it when i shower because my hair is long and thick. And it catches every bit of it," says another happy customer. "And it is easy to pull it out of drain and put it back in. I clean it with each shower. Its helped tremendously so I don't have to keep buying Drain-o and using acids and other methods to remove my hair after it clogs my drain.”

Don't let a clogged tub get you down. This ingenious device will keep hair out of your drain and water flowing freely.
$11 at Walmart

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