Try These Genius TikTok Egg-Dying Hacks With Your Kids This Easter

Lauren Wellbank
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‘Tis the season for trying to find the best way to dye Easter eggs with your kids that won’t end with them turning your kitchen, your children, and the family pet various colors in the process. Thankfully, TikTok has us covered with these videos that are sure to give you easy, breezy, egg coloring inspiration that the whole family will enjoy.

First up is this rice trick from @celenakinsey. Simply fill a gallon Ziploc bag with uncooked rice, add a few drops of dye, drop in the egg, seal the bag, and let your child shake until their heart’s content. After, you’ll have speckled eggs and plenty of colorful rice leftover for a sensory bin.


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Do you have kids who love tie dye? Try @emerald_outlaw’s quick and easy paper towel method. Simply wrap a hardboiled egg in a paper towel and then dot the towel with a few different colors. After all your colors have been applied, add a few drops of water to each spot. Let the eggs sit for a few hours to dry and voila, you’ll have tie dye eggs (and a mess that can simply be tossed in the trash).


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If you have a cupcake pan and some shaving cream, you can try @blossom‘s hack that involves adding hard boiled eggs, dye, and shaving cream together in each cupcake spot. Use one solid color or mix several together for a rainbow swirl.

If you want to go the natural way, and skip dyes all together, you can check out @goldstudiocrafters’ method that involves using items like onion peels and leaves to color your eggs. This one is probably better suited to bigger kids, since you’ll need the stove to heat up the materials before they are ready to be used to color your eggs, but once you’re done you’ll have one-of-a-kind eggs and very little mess left to deal with.

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