Should you try an ‘affirmation workout’?

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Want a truly positive way to work out? Try adding affirmations to your fitness routine.

We already know that a little positive self-talk can help when it comes to performance and motivation. But it’s also true that what you say to yourself while you’re moving can have a big impact on how you feel—and how you exercise. Enter: Affirmation workouts.

The words we whisper to ourselves during those grueling miles or sets can drastically influence our emotions and the energy with which we take on the challenge.

What is an affirmation workout?

“Affirmation workouts came from the idea that we wanted to literally address the mind and the body at the same time,” Alyson Stoner, cofounder of digital wellness platform Movement Genius, recently said on an episode of The Well+Good Podcast. “It’s a chance to check in with your mindset [and] perhaps adjust some of the thoughts you were having about yourself.”

You don’t have to give yourself a little mental oomph about the activity itself, or how you perform it. You can talk about any topic, Stoner said.

Adding affirmations to your workout involves repeating positive and uplifting statements about yourself while you break a sweat. Consider empowering phrases like, “Today, I am achieving greatness,” or “Each step is a testament to my growth.” Additionally, as you flow through your moves, resonate with affirmations that echo self-love and acceptance, such as, “I am enough,” or “Self-love is my superpower.” During those particularly demanding intervals? Try whispering to yourself, “You’re in the groove; keep going!”, or “You’re already doing it,” for when you’re in the midst of an especially hard or challenging task. Repeat these messages mentally or speak them out loud if you can.

There are a host of benefits to using affirmations once you nail down the messaging and practice them regularly. They can help you problem-solve and buffer stressful situations. Once you practice affirmations, it tends to help you become more positive in general, too, thanks to how they change your self-talk.

The beauty of this practice is its flexibility and adaptability. Whether you’re pushing through a high-intensity drill or taking a leisurely affirmation walk, these words of self-love and affirmation will find their way deep within, reshaping your internal dialogue.

The key is to foster a mindset that champions you, especially when the going gets tough. Embrace the journey: your mind and body will thank you for it.

Here are 10 affirmations to try on your next walk or workout

  1. “Every step makes me stronger.”

  2. “I honor my body’s power.”

  3. “I believe in myself.”

  4. “Challenges make me resilient.”

  5. “I celebrate my progress.”

  6. “My spirit is unwavering.”

  7. “I move with positive energy.”

  8. “This is my time to shine.”

  9. “I am unstoppable.”

  10. “I choose to love and care for myself.”