Try These Super Easy Zoom Halloween Costumes for Your Virtual Halloween Party

zoom halloween costume ideas
19 Clever and Easy Halloween Costumes For

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Whether you’ve got an in-person Halloween bash or celebrating with coworkers via video chat, there’s no reason why you can’t join in on the fun of dressing up if you aren’t IRL. Say your frightful festivities are taking place online, these Zoom Halloween costume ideas are quick and easy ways to get in the spirit of the holiday. All you have to do is raid your closets for all of the clothing items and accessories you need, and then search for a fitting picture or screenshot to superimpose as your Zoom background.

Pro tip: Make sure you practice getting your background just right before the day of your party to avoid any technical snafus. And you can even rename yourself on Zoom to ensure that you don’t get the dreaded “What are you supposed to be?” question. Check out our favorite Halloween costumes for a virtual celebration.

’80s/’90s Picture Day


Grab your scrunchies, retainer, and maybe even a band instrument if you have one around, and get yourself picture day-ready like it’s 1989 all over again. The iconic laser background is easy to find on Google Images and really completes the look.

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'80s'90s picture day zoom halloween costume
Best Products; Getty Images, Courtesy Jennifer Hussein

Marathon Runner


The day you’ve trained for is here! Don your lucky singlet, sports glasses, and one (or a few) of your marathon medals, and show off at the finish line during your Zoom Halloween party.

Extra points if you’re actually planning to run the New York City Marathon this year.

marathon runner zoom halloween costume

Baby Yoda


The little green face that launched a thousand memes doesn’t require much in the way of costume planning — a bathrobe and earth-colored mug are ideal, and if you have Yoda ears, wear ’em! If not, just strategically position yourself in front of the character’s screenshot.

baby yoda zoom halloween costume

Jim From ‘The Office’


If you’ve been on a hybrid schedule or moved to permanently remote after the last few years, The Office now feels like a period piece from a bygone era. Dress up as Jim Halpert by wearing your favorite button-down shirt and tie that have been sitting unused in your closet for way too long.

jim from 'the office' zoom halloween costume

Weather Reporter


Grab your windbreaker, pull up that hood, search for the craziest storm screenshot you can find from the local news, and you’re instantly an intrepid weather reporter risking it all to go live on the scene.

weather reporter zoom halloween costume
Best Products; Getty Images, Courtesy Bridget Clegg

‘Woman Yelling at Cat’ Meme


Memes are the best Zoom Halloween costumes, because they’re universally known and always hilarious. Dress up as the unbothered cat from the iconic “woman yelling at cat” meme by donning a white shirt, cat ears, and (this part is crucial) having a salad nearby to complete the look.

'woman yelling at cat' meme

Neo From ‘The Matrix’


Maybe you haven’t even met some of your coworkers in person before, and celebrating Halloween via Zoom and Teams can feel otherworldly. Face this virtual reality by wearing a black tracksuit and your sportiest pair of sunglasses, and suddenly you’re Neo from The Matrix.

neo from 'the matrix' zoom halloween costume

‘All That’ Cast Member


We still have the All That theme song, from the heyday of Nickelodeon, stuck in our head after all of these years. Channel the teen cast members of this sketch comedy show by wearing the most ’90s-fabulous outfit in your closet: a flannel shirt and a bucket hat, beret, or backwards cap.

'all that' cast member zoom halloween costume

Kevin McCallister from ‘Home Alone’


All you you need to dress up as the burglar-outwitting 8-year-old Kevin McCallister in Home Alone is a Fair Isle Christmas sweater and a screengrab from the movie. No aftershave needed — just clap your hands to your face and you’ve got yourself a photo op for the ’gram!

kevin mccallister from 'home alone' zoom halloween costume

A Radio Host Working From Home


Your favorite radio and podcast hosts are maybe still working from the comfort of their home or soundproofed office setup. Any pair of over-ear, wireless headphones will do, along with an NPR mug to set the stage.

a radio host working from home zoom halloween costume

Sports Commentator


If your gooooaaaal is to come up with the easiest Zoom Halloween costume idea imaginable, we suggest superimposing a picture of your favorite sports team’s stadium, wearing your go-to gaming headset, and going as a sports commentator.

sports commentator zoom halloween costume

MTV Spring Breaker


The hottest party on TV in the ‘90s and early ’00s, MTV Spring Break was the pop culture juggernaut that even predated Coachella.

This Zoom Halloween costume is easy: Just a snapback hat, Hawaiian shirt, and pair of sunglasses is all you need. But step it up a notch by rouging your face with pink blush to create that got-too-much-sun-while-jamming-to-Crazy-Town’s-set look.

mtv spring breaker zoom halloween costume

Euphoria Prom Night


Get ready to bring the drama — now’s the time for all of your going-out accessories to shine. Dress up like you’re attending the winter formal in Euphoria by glamming yourself up, and of course, sticking on body jewels or chunky glitter as the sparkling finishing touch.

euphoria halloween costume
Best Products; HBO, Courtesy Danielle St. Pierre

Log Lady From ‘Twin Peaks’


Want to really freak out your friends? Log onto your Zoom Halloween party as the Log Lady from the original Twin Peaks TV series and commit to being fully in character the whole time.

Wear a pair of round-frame glasses, a plaid shirt, and a sweater cardigan, and grab a piece of firewood to lovingly cradle all night.

log lady from 'twin peaks' zoom halloween costume

BBC Dad Interrupted by Kid


After working remotely and attending meetings virtually, parents know all too well the reality of a surprise cameo from their kiddos on their Zoom calls.

For this Halloween costume, look posh from the waist up in a white shirt, red tie, and suit jacket... and wear any ol’ sweatpants on the bottom in the event that you have to get up. It is the quintessential WFH look, after all.

bbc dad interrupted by kid zoom halloween costume

Cruise Lover


Summer has come and gone but if you simply can’t wait to live out your dream vacation, superimpose yourself on the lido deck.

Wear your vacay-ready essentials like a summery button-down, sunglasses, and don’t forget the protective layer of zinc (or face cream) on your nose! Make yourself a tropical beverage with curaçao and a little umbrella, and it’s like you’re practically there.

cruise lover zoom halloween costume
Best Products; Getty Images, Courtesy Bridget Clegg



It seems that on any given workday, we’re either chatting on Zoom or on Slack — or even both at the same time. Embrace your inner Slacker by wearing whatever the heck you want and superimposing a screenshot of your never-ending Slack conversation to get the full effect.

Just make sure you have the holy trinity of Slacker accessories nearby: a cup of ramen, a vape (or a USB stick stand-in), and, of course, your smartphone.

slacker zoom halloween costume
Best Products; Courtesy Danielle St. Pierre

Evening News Anchorperson


Your favorite important-work-meeting blazer just became a quick and simple Zoom Halloween costume. Dress up as an evening news anchorperson by donning professional garb (from the waist up, at least) and getting camera-ready in front of a news-graphics background.

evening news anchorperson zoom halloween costume

Ralphie From ‘A Christmas Story’


Oh, fudge! There are many iconic, costume-worthy scenes from the movie A Christmas Story, but the one that’s easiest to DIY as a Zoom Halloween costume has got to be the infamous mouth-washing incident.

To turn yourself into Ralphie, wear a button-up shirt with a sweater over it, put on a pair of round-framed glasses, and grab a small bar of white chocolate to stand in for the Lifebuoy soap. (Or if your friends triple-dog dare you, go for the real thing!)

ralphie from

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