Can you trust Steelers players in fantasy semifinals?

Michelle Magdziuk from Ball Blast joins Fantasy Football Live's Matt Harmon to break down the state of the Pittsburgh Steelers for fantasy purposes.

Video Transcript



- You're in Pittsburgh right now. You're a Steelers backer. Like, give me sort of the state of the Steelers right now. Because I know- I know you're shaking your head, which is- which is about how I feel, right? Like, this team has gone from, wow, an exciting cast of characters, to one of-- like, Carson went Eagles-level tough to watch, basically.

- Yeah. And it keeps being on prime time, which I hate that. Because you know--

- The worst!

- --they're all giving me crap, that the Steelers look terrible, and they do. And their defense isn't even looking that great anymore either.


MICHELLE MAGDZIUK (VOICEOVER): Their run game is nonexistent. They have no patience with the running game, Connor's not even looking that great when he does get opportunities. He's my boy, James Conner, but you know, he's looking a little sluggish out there. And then, the Steelers will throw the ball further than five feet. Like, it's every single play, Ben drops back, throws it five feet.

That's not going to work. If he throws it further than 15 yards, he grabs it his elbow. I don't know what that's about. I don't feel that great going in to the playoffs with this team right now.

MATT HARMON (VOICEOVER): I'm not a Steelers fan. I don't suffer with the team like you do, but I'm a big Diontae Johnson guy, so every time he drops a pass, I feel like I need to defend my child, or something like that, and it's exhausting. Get this team off prime time. But they are on prime time again this week, but a good match-up against the Bengals.

Are- are you confident though, at all, given that what we're talking about, the state of the Steelers, plus the match-up, are you confident all throwing out guys like Diontae Johnson? JuJu, who's sneaky productive once again, really can't play Claypool at this point, 'cause he's not playing. Like, are- are you even tempted to play any of these guys on Monday night?


MICHELLE MAGDZIUK (VOICEOVER): : Diontae Johnson, I'll keep playing. He's getting the targets. I know he got benched last week, but he always is open. His hands--


MICHELLE MAGDZIUK (VOICEOVER): : --just are failing him right now. JuJu is, randomly, on track to hit almost 100 receptions this year. It doesn't feel like it because he's getting no yards on those receptions. But I do think as of late, Ben's been using him more. I would throw JuJu out there against Cincy.

But Claypool is totally a boom or bust. Like, he's always either going to get a long touchdown, or probably do nothing.