Traveling for the holidays? This innovative travel pillow is 'seriously a game-changer' — on sale for only $25!

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Trtl’s travel pillow is sleek, foldable and scarf-like. (Photo: Amazon)
Trtl’s travel pillow is sleek, foldable and scarf-like. (Photo: Amazon)

Falling asleep while traveling is a double-edged sword: You get the rest you need, but usually wake up feeling cramped and stiff. It makes sense, since sleeping while seated usually leaves your head tilted at an uncomfortable 90-degree angle.

Typical travel pillows can prevent some of that discomfort, but the U-shaped head rests we see throughout the airport aren’t actually that supportive. There is an option, however, that is scientifically-proven to provide you with comfort — no matter how long the travel day is.

Trtl’s travel pillow probably doesn’t look like the typical pillows you see.

Instead of a chunky accessory, Trtl’s travel pillow is sleek, foldable and scarf-like. Not only does the design make it great for storage, the shape also ergonomically lifts your head in a comfortable and easy way.

Amazon shoppers are loving this item. More than 12,000 customers have given reviews and its total sales have gone up by nearly 200 percent in this past week. Not to mention, it has a solid 4-star rating. (In total, more than a million of these pillows have been sold, according to the brand.)

Trtl travel pillow

Trtl travel pillow lets you sleep without waking up to an aching neck. (Photo: Trtl)
Trtl travel pillow lets you sleep without waking up to an aching neck. (Photo: Trtl)

Shop it: Trtl travel pillow, $25 (was $30),

Trtl claims the pillow is “strategically designed to prevent stiff necks and sore shoulders.”

Three structured ribs are hidden inside of the pillow and keep your head in an ergonomic-yet-relaxed position, aligning and supporting your neck at the same time. (Foam and fleece wrap around the ribs, so you won’t feel any poking or prodding from the inner device.)

Because the hypoallergenic pillow is designed like a scarf, it can fit on anyone. It’s also easy to move from one side of your neck to the other.

You simply wrap it, strap it, and wear it.

Of the more than 11,000 customer reviews on Amazon, shoppers continuously mention the pillow’s ability to provide comfort, transport easily, and work better than any other neck pillow.

Supportive and comfortable

Trtl pillow plus supports your neck while you sleep. (Photo: Trtl)
Trtl pillow plus supports your neck while you sleep. (Photo: Trtl)

One five-star reviewer wrote: “Can we all agree that trying to sleep in a plane is the absolute worst? And the U shaped neck pillows aren’t comfortable at all and leave you with a sore neck. This thing seems to be the answer to my travel woes. While I haven’t actually used it in a flight yet, I sat with it on the couch for about an hour and nearly fell asleep. It has a little bit of give to it so it’s supportive yet still comfortable. It held my head at just the right angle to feel relaxed but not get neck pain. You can also adjust the amount of support by tightening or loosening the fabric, which is a super soft and comfortable fleece. It’s much more compact than a regular travel pillow so it’s easy to pack away once I’m off the plane or during a shorter connecting flight I might not want to use it for. This is seriously a game-changer, especially for overnight or early morning flights. I’m really excited I found this before my 10 hour overnight flight. I definitely recommend it.”

Great for compact travel situations

One five-star reviewer wrote: “Got this for my flight to Israel, and I slept well in a crowded coach middle seat. Slept in terminal during layover too. Very comfortable and soothing — much better than traditional travel pillows and very lightweight. Fit easily within the carry loop on the outside of my backpack when not in use. I treasure this new travel aid! Highly recommended! Did not interfere with my over ear headphones either! The pillow rocks!”

Helps you sleep anywhere

One five-star reviewer wrote: “This thing is worth every cent they charge. Was very skeptical, took a chance, so glad I did. Flight from JFK to Barcelona — wrapped into the trtl and 3.5 hours later I was being woke up for b'fast. Was still doubting — maybe I was just exhausted. Return trip, wrapped up again, it was 4 hours later and it was time for a snack as we got close to JFK. If those other travel pillows haven't worked for you, this head hammock (it's so much better than a pillow) is so worth a try. Easy to wrap up, keeps you supported, it's warm, and it easily attached to my work bag.”

Easy to move around with

One five-star reviewer wrote: “We read a ton of reviews on neck pillows before purchasing two of these for a trip to Europe where we needed to arrive bright eyed and bushy tailed. I liked that it was relatively small/compact so it wasn't too hard to carry on the plane and saved us from having one of the bulky traditional neck pillows attached to our luggage as we walked around. It was very soft and there is enough fabric that you can cover up part of your face if you like. The support is really nice, as is the ability to change the position. Even when your head is resting on this, it keeps you upright enough that you don't risk somewhat encroaching on your neighbor on the plane.”

Sleep on planes in comfort with the Trtl travel pillow. (Photo: Trtl)
Sleep on planes in comfort with the Trtl travel pillow. (Photo: Trtl)

Shop it: Trtl travel pillow, $25 (was $30),

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