Trolls Are Making a Legitimate Comeback — In Fashion

Trolls characters are making a comeback, not only in film, but in fashion as well. (Photo: Getty Images)
Trolls characters are making a comeback, not only in film, but in fashion as well. (Photo: Getty Images)

We’re not trolling you (also, we can’t resist a bad pun). Those neon-haired troll dolls that were ubiquitous in the 1990s are back with a creepy/adorable vengeance — and just in time for Halloween.

Actually, it’s the forthcoming November 4, 2016 release of DreamWorks’ new kid film ‘Trolls’ that has inspired the resurgence of these little goblins. The fact that their influence is now extending into the fashion world, though, is kind of ironic — considering the dolls were, essentially, naked.

Regardless, troll dolls are the official muses for several new and upcoming lines of clothing and accessories by major designers and retailers. One of those designers is Betsey Johnson, who decided to collaborate with DreamWorks to create a line of trolls-inspired accessories, the Betsey Johnson xox “Trolls” collection, sold exclusively at Macy’s.

Johnson introduced the line — which is targeted toward kids and teens — at Macy’s ‘Fashion’s Front Row’ event during New York Fashion Week in September. A natural extension of Johnson’s aesthetic, the collection includes fuzzy and vibrant neon pieces like faux-fur pom pom earrings, a faux fur ring, a cupcake purse, and a colorfully blinged-out charm bracelet.

On Friday, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) announced that the Home Shopping Network (HSN) would be hawking two handbags created by designer Danielle Nicole and inspired by the ‘Trolls’ movie. One is “a classic tote,” and the other, “a diamond die cut crossbody.” “They’re so cheeky and adorable,” Danielle DiFerdinando, designer of Danielle Nicole, told WWD. “Both are cast in gray, blue and silver glitter and, of course, feature tufts of the Trolls’ signature faux-fur hair.”

But this isn’t the network’s only foray into troll world. NeNe Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta is selling her own line of troll doll-inspired gear through HSN. At first, the stylish reality star was not totally sold on the concept of a troll-centric fashion line. “‘Really, the trolls?’ That’s how I felt when they said ‘the trolls,'” Leakes told US Weekly’s Stylish. “But once we got into it, me and one of the designers really started loving it. There’s even a character that kind of looks like me,” the self-proclaimed “girlie girl” continued.

Leakes’ line of clothing and accessories play up all that is crazy, fuzzy, and vibrant about troll dolls. It includes a jewel-toned top with sequins, a gray hoodie lined with purple fur, and a pink fringed poncho, according to Stylish. In addition to their wild style, the quality of the pieces was very important to Leakes. She told Stylish, “I love things that look expensive, even if they aren’t. You know, if you pay 20 dollars for something, I think it should look just as good as something you pay 100 dollars for. So it’s all about the fabric — it really is all about the fabric.”

Speaking of quality, Fendi is also in on the zany act. Well … sort of. In partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue, the Italian label has launched a 16-piece women’s capsule collection that’s decidedly more grown-up than Johnson’s and Leakes’ lines, but retains troll roots. The products are actually inspired by Fendi’s Fendirumi characters, “the plush and criminally cute mascots unveiled by Fendi earlier this year,” according to the L.A. Times. “Think of the Fendirumi characters and this new women’s holiday collection as the luxury brand’s answer to those colorful trolls and their related merchandise tie-ins for the upcoming ‘Trolls’ movie,” the article continues.

Fendi’s line includes neon-studded clothing, accessories, and footwear — including a pair of high-heeled sandals and a structured backpack — ranging in price from $650 to $3,050.

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