Back pain? Top-rated massage guns and foam rollers are a whopping 40 percent off at Amazon—today only

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Roll away pain and discomfort with these genius fitness tools. (Photo: Amazon)
Roll away pain and discomfort with these genius fitness tools. (Photo: Amazon)

We’ve been conditioned to believe that aches and pains are just a normal part of life. Not so. Doctors say much of the tightness we feel can be dealt with simply by rolling out muscles regularly. Foam-rolling helps in a way that stretching can’t, releasing not only muscles but the tissue surrounding muscles—called fascia. Tight fascia accounts for a lot of the pain we feel, especially as we age. Foam rolling and self-massage is a simple solution, and once you get started you’ll see how much better you feel.

Today is a great day to begin. To welcome the New Year, Amazon has radically dropped prices on Triggerpoint foam rollers and massage guns—but only for today. You can get these top-notch tools for up to 40 percent off. Use them regularly, and you’ll feel years younger.

If you’ve made a promise to yourself to exercise more in 2021—whether that’s upping your home workouts, hitting the gym, or taking daily walks—this is the next logical step. Taking care of your body and helping it recover from day-to-day tightness, as well as fitness challenges. Treat yourself while the prices are incredibly low. Don’t delay. This deal on foam rollers and massagers is only in effect today.

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Roll out the tension in even the tightest muscles (Photo: Amazon)
Roll out the tension in even the tightest muscles (Photo: Amazon)

You know that feeling you get while stretching when it hurts — but in a good way? Shoppers say this foam roller imparts that sensation. With more than 12,300 five star reviews, this compact roller—textured to get in deep—is a guaranteed win. Roll on a rug or yoga mat—the effect can be intense at first, but is so, so good for you. This pro tool is down from $35 to just $21 today.

One happy (and stretched-out) user wrote: “Amazing for injury prevention and treatment. Perfect for those that have not been motivated to start exercising either because they're too tired or sore or too out of shape to start.This is both simple to use and very enjoyable and reaps great results quickly. The size is just right for me. Any longer, and it would be a bit too unwieldy, especially when working some of the smaller body parts, yet it's plenty big enough for my larger muscle groups. For athletes, this is a must.”

Shop it: TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller, $21 (was $35),

TriggerPoint Foam Small Massage Ball

Just 2.6 inches, but—wow–what a difference it can make for an achy back or tight feet. (Photo: Amazon)
Just 2.6 inches, but—wow–what a difference it can make for an achy back or tight feet. (Photo: Amazon)

About the size of a tennis ball, this brilliant little massage ball makes it easy to target specific tight spots. Have a hard-to-reach ache on your lower back? Lie down on your back, then tuck the massage ball between your body and the floor. Roll around for spot-on relief.

This ball is also great for feet. While standing or seated, place one bare foot on top of the ball to roll out the sole of your foot. Heaven. This is a spot that doesn’t get enough love, and the relief is instant.

“This little thing is quite impressive,” wrote one user. “I use it specifically for my neck since I am on the road for many hours at a time, so I tend to have a sore neck throughout the day. I can comfortably drive while resting the ball in between the (back of my) neck and the headrest.”

Available in three sizes, the ball is perfect for targeting specific areas where you feel extra tight.

Shop it: TriggerPoint Foam MB1 Massage Ball, $9 (was $15),

TriggerPoint Impact Handheld Massage Gun

Like having a masseuse in the family. (Photo: Amazon)
Like having a masseuse in the family. (Photo: Amazon)

Keep an eye on this, because family members will “borrow” it, and you’re likely never to see it again. This four-speed mini-massager imparts instant bliss. Brilliantly designed to make it easy to get to tough spots, it eases tension, loosens knots, and increases blood flow. Today only, it’s $70 off. Just 10 inches tall, it’s small enough to take on the road, when we all get back to traveling. You’ll love it.

“I absolutely LOVE this massage gun!” one reviewer shared, “I have used literally every type of self massage tool on the market from multiple brands, and TriggerPoint is hands down the best of the best. I have been a fan of their products since 2010, and this massage gun has moved to the top of my “must-have” list.”

Shop it: TriggerPoint Impact Handheld Massage Gun, $119 (was $199),

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