I Tried Trisha Yearwood's Secret for Absolutely Perfect Deviled Eggs

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Trisha Yearwood and deviled eggs

A tray of beautifully displayed deviled eggs is the perfect Easter appetizer or a fun way to kick off a dinner party. We've cracked the code to perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs and figured out how to make sure the deviled egg filling is absolutely smooth, but if you want to take your deviled eggs to the next level you want the yolks perfectly centered within the white.

To be honest, this particular deviled egg detail didn't occur to us until we saw a video from country music star Food Network personality Trisha Yearwood. In the video, she included her fun trick for perfectly centered deviled egg yolks and we knew we had to give it a try.

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<p>Nathan Hutsenpiller</p>

Nathan Hutsenpiller

Two Tricks For Getting Perfectly Centered Egg Yolks for Deviled Eggs

According to Yearwood, the trick is to flip your eggs upside down the night before you plan to boil them. Yearwood got the trick from her mother, who in her eyes always made perfect deviled eggs. Yearwood's mother credits her mom with the trick's origin.

Yearwood says that because the eggs have been “hauled all over creation,” the yolks settle to the bottom of the eggs. It also makes sense that storing eggs with the large side down in a carton would cause the yolks to rest near the bottom of the shell. It seems logical that simply flipping the eggs over the night before you boil them would help right the yolk.

During our research, we also ran across a tip from Andrea Nguyen, one of our favorite food writers and cookbook authors. She always has the best tips, and this time is no exception. In a post on her blog, she mentions that she picked up a deviled egg tip from a local farmer, who recommended placing the eggs on their sides overnight to center the yolks.

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<p>Nathan Hutsenpiller</p>

Nathan Hutsenpiller

What's the Best Way to Center Egg Yolks for Deviled Eggs?

As an experiment, we flipped 2 eggs upside down, left 2 eggs right side up and flipped 2 more eggs onto their sides the night before boiling to put these methods to the test. After boiling, we sliced each egg in half and the results were actually quite surprising.

Right Side Up These results went exactly as we predicted: the eggs left as they came in the carton had yolks towards the bottom of the egg.

Upside Down Surprisingly, the upside-down egg results weren't as dramatic as we expected. One of the eggs looked quite similar to the ones left right side up. However, one of the upside-down eggs ended up with a relatively centered yolk, leaving us to believe that this method works at least 50 percent of the time.

WINNER: On Their Side For the eggs that were flipped on their sides, one egg was absolutely perfect. The other one was slightly less perfect, but almost there, so we had to crown this method the winner. Sorry, Trisha.

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