TikTok users are obsessed with hack for making a 'reusable' potato chip bag — so we tried it ourselves

If you look hard enough, you’ll find out that TikTok has a solution for almost every tiny life problem.

Even the most specific annoyances have a “hack” that claims to fix them. For example, take the app’s solution for stale potato chips — which uses literal baby wipes to make a “reusable” bag.

Sound confusing? Surprisingly, it’s not. The trick basically involves taking the lid off a pack of baby wipes, then, without any tools, sticking it onto your chip bag.

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According to TikTok users, the hack leaves you with a literal lid to seal up your potato chips. You never have to mess with clothespins or rubber bands. Actually, you never even need to open the bag.

But does it really work? The team here at In The Know had to find out, so we tried the hack ourselves.

How to make TikTok’s ‘reusable’ potato chip bag

First step, ingredients. For most people, this should be the simplest part, but for this writer — a very single, very 25-year-old man — it took about 20 minutes to find baby wipes in the grocery store (it’s probably best to use unscented ones, so your chips don’t smell like baby).

Once you get them, though, all you need is a sharp knife and, of course, a bag of your favorite potato chips.

Then, you remove the flip-top from the baby wipes. If you’re concerned about having the strength to pull it off with your bare hands, just take a look at this video from TikToker Ross Smith, in which his grandma does the entire hack by herself.

Next, you slap the flip-top onto your chip bag. It’ll usually just stick right on there, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a few gentle slaps. It’s sort of like burping a baby (maybe? again, this writer is decidedly not a parent).

Once the top is on, just open it and cut a hole into the chip bag to fill the space. Then, you’re done! All what’s left is to eat as many chips as your life-hacking brain desires.

OK, so does it actually work?

The short answer? Yes. It was shocking how easily the flip-top pasted onto the bag, even with some of the glue falling off it.

As far as the bag itself goes, the hole is cleaner, and more precise than fumbling with a fully opened bag. It basically turns your snacks into a savory Pez dispenser.

Final verdict?

Yes the hack works, but it’s probably not worth the effort to use all the time. In reality, the idea probably works best as a party trick (whenever parties are a thing again, that is).

It’s definitely fun to flash your Frankensteined chip creation to your friends, and it’s also a lot more exciting to eat out of. Still, it’s unclear whether the bag is really all that “reusable.”

The point of the hack is to keep chips fresh and sealed air-tight with the flip-top. That doesn’t really seem to be the case though, since you can feel air coming out whenever you press down on the bag.

It’s really about style points here. So, if style is something you value in your snacking experience, this is 100 percent worth a try.

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