I Tried Everything On The Dunkin' Menu—This Is What's Worth Your Money

Julia Smith

From Delish

In the latest installment of Julia Tries Everything, I'm trying the most popular menu items from Dunkin' and attempting to give you my most honest review without also fully offending all the strawberry frosted donut lovers in the world. And when I say honest...I mean...I am the same girl who wrote why I utterly detest donuts and is now trying all of the donuts from America's most popular chain. I believe this is what they call growth?

Donuts: Double Chocolate Donut + Vanilla Frosted Donut

The Double Chocolate Donut is essentially a morning birthday cake. It's disguising itself as a donut but it's really a cakey chocolate frosted wonderland. If you're against chocolate, go for its sibling, the vanilla frosted donut, which tastes like a vanilla Funfetti birthday cake.

Breakfast Sandwiches: Peppered Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissant

Photo credit: Julia Smith
Photo credit: Julia Smith

There are several iterations of the breakfast sandwich at Dunkin' (sausage, beyond sausage, regular bacon, peppered bacon, turkey sausage, ham) but the peppered bacon is the best. It tastes like candied bacon with a sticky peppery flavor that makes you want to pay $14 for it at a fancy brunch spot. I must also give a special shoutout to the Sausage Scramble Bowl even though it is not a sandwich; it was the only menu item from this round that didn't need any extra seasoning or sauce and tasted like a supreme pizza.

Coffee: Iced Coffee

I'm usually a stickler for cold brew as I find it smoother and more powerful, but the iced coffee from Dunkin' is cheaper and tastes nearly identical. Don't forget to add a pump of your favorite flavor (caramel, duh).

Munchkins: Chocolate Glazed + Jelly Filled

Photo credit: Julia Smith
Photo credit: Julia Smith

Is this even a surprise at this point? Clearly the Chocolate Glaze Munchkin and Jelly-Filled Munchkin are the only winners in this category. The ratios in the munchkins make it so you're getting even more glaze and jelly than in a regular donut, it's a no-brainer.

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