I Tried the New Dyson Hair Dryer and Here's What Happened

From Cosmopolitan

Few things intrigue me more than new beauty contraptions. However, blow-dryers aren't exactly the most exciting things in the beauty world. Obviously, technology has improved over the years, so the quality of dryers have too, but the overall look of a blow-dryer has pretty much been the same since my grandma was my age.

But all that changed with the announcement that Dyson would be launching a hair dryer in the fall, one with a very refreshing and unusual design at that.

I was a bit confused at first by the announcement since Dyson is better known for vacuums than beauty products. But it also excited me that someone with an entirely different perspective would be attempting to revolutionize the outdated design.

Cosmopolitan.com senior beauty editor Carly Cardellino and I got to try out a prototype of the new Dyson Supersonic blow-dryer with different magnetic nozzles, and we're kinda obsessed.

Because it was just a prototype and not the final product, we were not able to review in too much detail, but the overall look and feel of the dryer is pretty cool. It's lightweight, easy to use, and so different-looking than other hair dryers that we couldn't stop staring at it (aka couldn't stop looking through the hole while blow-drying our faces). Since when is blow-drying your hair fun??

I'm eager to try out the final final product and review it for real come fall, but since Carly and I were so amazed by the prototype version, I can only imagine how good the real thing will be.

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