I Tried "Chaos Cleaning" My Kitchen Sink, and I'll Never Try This TikTok Trend Again

<p>The Spruce / Meg MacDonald</p>

The Spruce / Meg MacDonald

In the world of cleaning TikTok, it seems like every new hack looks easier and more efficient than the last. This is especially true of the latest trend of mixing together multiple cleaning ingredients to power wash one dedicated space.

Here at The Spruce, we’ve decided to affectionately call this “chaos cleaning," and we were drawn to it immediately. Who doesn't love the idea of a quick and painless deep clean?

In this video we spotted, user Kayla Argyle takes the following cleaning products and scours her sink with them:

  • Baking soda

  • Dawn Powerwash

  • The Pink Stuff

  • Mineral oil

Luckily, the above materials are all perfectly fine to use together. Best of all, except for mineral oil, they're things I either have on hand or wouldn’t mind having around.

So, I popped out and picked them up to try this TikTok-approved hack for myself. Here was my method, and here's how it went.

Before Getting Started

If you plan on trying this at home, it’s important to use products that work together. There are a ton of cleaning products you should never mix. Mixing things with bleach, for example, can be incredibly dangerous.

Step 1: Rinse the Sink

<p>Ashley Chalmers / The Spruce</p>

Ashley Chalmers / The Spruce

Unlike in the video, I cleared and rinsed my sink before getting started. I’m all for testing out new methods, but I’ll be honest—it seems odd to me that she started this process with food scraps still in the sink.

I decided instead to start the exact way I would if I was just using one cleaning product and gave my sink a solid rinse.

Step 2: Add Baking Soda and Dawn

<p>Ashley Chalmers / The Spruce</p>

Ashley Chalmers / The Spruce

Picking back up with the video, I poured a healthy amount of baking soda all over my sink, adding an extra scoop in my drain.

Next, I sprayed the Dawn Powerwash all over my sink and got scrubbing. I used a regular sponge, pushing around the mix of Dawn and Baking Soda to get in all the corners and around the drain.

I did notice that my soap didn’t lather up nearly as much as in the video, and I wondered if I should have sprayed some more water around? No matter, onto the next step!

Step 3: Rinse Those Away

<p>Ashley Chalmers / The Spruce</p>

Ashley Chalmers / The Spruce

Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a hand sprayer (this is a major design flaw of our sink). A sprayer would be so helpful, but alas, I am forced to splash the water around with a cup.

I hoped my sink would gleam after this quick concoction—it was super easy, and the gritty sound of baking soda against stainless steel gave the impression of a deep clean.

I was bummed to discover that it did not. If anything, my sink looked worse than before. Baking soda was stuck up onto the sides, and limescale plagued the corners like always.

Step 4: Using The Pink Stuff

<p>Ashley Chalmers / The Spruce</p>

Ashley Chalmers / The Spruce

Here’s where I maybe made a small mistake. Instead of The Pink Stuff’s Miracle Cream Cleaner as shown in the video, I grabbed their Miracle Multipurpose Cleaner. I didn’t even notice until I started to spray and it came out clear—no matter.

I figured it was close enough, and actually, this step worked the best out of anything. The limescale in our corners lifted right off, and the drain plug looked instantly better.

I scrubbed just like in the video and moved on to the final phase.

Step 5: Mineral Oil

This is one I honestly haven’t used at home before, and I had visions of a like-new sink after a careful polish. Instead, my sink just looked streaky. Some spots shiny, others cloudy. This step was definitely a skip for me.

"If I'm going to really go at it with a cocktail of ingredients, I want it to look like new—and it didn't."

The Final Verdict? Stick to One Product

<p>Ashley Chalmers / The Spruce</p>

Ashley Chalmers / The Spruce

I don’t spend a ton of time washing my kitchen sink. It gets a daily clean with a multipurpose kitchen spray, a deeper clean twice a week, and an occasional descaling when the limescale stains get unbearable. But, in general, this is not a personal pain point for our house.

If I'm going to really go at it with a cocktail of ingredients, I want it to look like new—and it didn't.

Creating a multi-step process to get it to the same place a quick spray can do felt ridiculous. As a silver lining, though, I did love the Pink Stuff’s final effect, and that’s one I’ll add to my cleaning arsenal.

As for “chaos cleaning” in general? It’s a pass for me.

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