I Tried Bloomscape’s Delivery Service, and It Turned Me Into a Plant Mom

I don’t exactly have a green thumb. In fact, I’ve managed to kill quite a few succulents, and I’m much more comfortable with the idea of a faux plant adding a pop of color to my living room than tending to a live one. So when I heard about Bloomscape, an online plant shop that delivers potted plants nationwide and provides free care advice from its resident “Plant Mom,” it seemed like the best way for me to start a living houseplant collection.

After perusing the website for low light-friendly houseplants that are easy to care for, I picked a monstera, a large plant with tropical leaves that promised to be great for beginners. You can filter the plants by categories like care difficulty, light level, pet-friendliness, and size so it’s easy to find one that’s just right for you and your home.

Every plant comes with its own pot available in your choice of five modern colors, including slate gray and indigo blue. The minimalist pots are sourced from Ecopots, which uses 80% recycled plastics to make its products. Not only are these planters included in your order, but the plants are shipped completely potted in soil, so they’re ready to go once you open your package.

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My monstera arrived at my apartment secured upright in an easy-to-open cardboard box. Aside from a bit of loose soil that spilled in transit, the plant looked healthy and ready to display. It also came with an instruction card that clearly explained how to care for my plant.

After following the suggested watering schedule and sunlight exposure recommendations for the past three months, my monstera is alive and well, and I feel good knowing that if I run into any problems, I can easily reach out to Bloomscape’s “Plant Mom” and her team for expert advice. You can submit questions online to Joyce, a real person who happens to be the mother of Bloomscape’s founder (how adorable is that?).

Living in a big city, I would have never been able to get such a large plant home on public transportation. And even if I had my own car, I still would have struggled to get it to my apartment, so having it delivered to my door was a major perk.

Another draw was the fact that Bloomscape has its own greenhouse where plant experts take care of the botanicals in optimal conditions before shipping them directly to shoppers, where they’ll arrive just a few days later. This is far quicker than other retailers and nurseries that typically get plants after they’ve made a weeks-long trip from a greenhouse to a warehouse in a truck, according to Bloomscape’s website.

If you’re itching to add some more houseplants to your collection just in time for spring, head to Bloomscape to order a plant right to your door. Here’s a peek at some of the gorgeous plants available to shop now.

Courtesy of Bloomscape

Spider Plant

This small, 9-inch houseplant features long, curved leaves that resemble a spider’s legs, which explains its name. It’s easy-to-care-for, thrives in low to bright direct sunlight, and is pet-friendly.

Buy It: Spider Plant, $35, Bloomscape

Courtesy of Bloomscape


Large and sturdy, this sansevieria (otherwise known as a snake plant) is 36-inches tall (including the pot) and is ideal for beginners. It can handle low-light environments, however, its leaves are mildly toxic so it might not be the best option if you have pets.

Buy It: Sansevieria, $150, Bloomscape

Courtesy of Bloomscape

Hedgehog Aloe

This tiny 10-inch succulent plant would look good on a desk or side table. It’s easy to care for since it needs little water, but it does need bright sunlight to thrive.

Buy It: Hedgehog Aloe, $35, Bloomscape

Courtesy of Bloomscape

Sansevieria Moonshine

With wide, blue silver leaves, this rare 18-inch tall plant is extremely eye-catching. It’s a medium-sized succulent that’s drought-tolerant, making it great for new plant owners who aren't accustomed to regular watering. It does best in indirect sunlight.

Buy It: Sansevieria Moonshine, $65, Bloomscape

Courtesy of Bloomscape

Tough Stuff Collection

If you can’t choose just one plant, you can order this collection of three beginner-friendly plants ranging from 5- to 12-inches tall including their pots. The set includes a sansevieria, a ZZ plant, and a green hoya. They all can survive in just about any light and require minimal watering.

Buy It: Tough Stuff Collection, $65, Bloomscape