'We were treated like royalty': Firefighters escort elderly couple walking to their polling place in the rain

Kerry Justich
A viral photo shows a sweet moment at a polling place in Pennsylvania. (Photo: Cornwells Fire Company)
A viral photo shows a sweet moment at a polling place in Pennsylvania. (Photo: Cornwells Fire Company)

Elections are often a stressful and divisive time for both politicians and the long lines of constituents voting for them. But one thing bringing people together after the midterm elections is a viral moment that took place at a polling place in Bensalem, Pa., where an elderly couple was escorted through the rain by a pair of firefighters.

Barb and Jim Ferrau were making their way to Cornwells Elementary School to cast their vote Tuesday when the skies opened up to a torrential downpour. Chief Jim Bolinski of the Cornwells Fire Company tells Yahoo Lifestyle that two members from Station 16, who happened to be at the site to advocate for a referendum on the ballot in support of local fire departments, sprang into action and shielded the couple as they made their way to the school’s entrance.

Station 16 posted a photo of the moment onto its Facebook page, highlighting the good work of local firefighter Dave Sharp and junior firefighter Christina Bolinski. Barb quickly commented on the post to point out that it was herself and her “honey.”

Thank you so much Cornwells Fire Company — Station 16 you guys ROCK, we appreciate all you do,” Barb wrote, before making the photo her Facebook profile picture and adding an even sweeter caption. “Here’s me and Dad going to vote this morning and being shielded from the rain. We were treated like royalty. Cornwells Fire Company — Station 16 came to our rescue.”

Neither Barb nor her daughter Cindy Wallace replied to Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment. However, Wallace also had something to say about the photo, which she shared on Facebook.

I feel like this picture represents so much more than just forgetting your umbrella,” Wallace wrote. “True Love, Patriotism, Helping others, Compassion, Companionship, Commitment, Faith in the goodness of others! That was so sweet of them to help! And I absolutely love that at 76 and 74, and almost 60 years together, you still hold hands!!”

Chief Bolinski says the positive response has been a pleasant surprise for his staff.

“They are overjoyed and surprised because it was without hesitation,” the chief tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “They were just helping out. We have been in contact with [the couple] through Facebook.”

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