We traveled to D.C. Pride and had a blast — here’s how we celebrated

The “Yahoo Glow & Go” booth was a smash at D.C. Pride! Here’s how a giant sequined wall made the In The Know a little sentimental:

The Yahoo Glow & Go booth is all about making everyone shine inside and out — literally. Against the backdrop of a giant purple sequined wall, guests got the chance to cover themselves in intricate, shimmering glitter art. Then they got to capture their glow-ups in their very own photo shoot.

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While everyone was sparkling with joy, In The Know asked folks what Pride meant to them. The answers were diverse and moving.

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“Proud to be out. This is my first Pride. I’ve only been out a couple of years,” one person told us.

For others, the event was all about creating a space for joy and inclusivity.

“I’m really happy because everything is making me so happy. The rainbows, the colors, the vibes. It makes me super happy,” another guest said.

“Include everyone,” someone told In The Know. “That’s just an obvious fact about Pride. You need to have everyone, whether you’re Black, whether you’re gay, whether you’re a woman, whether you’re trans — just everyone needs to feel like they’re included.”

Yahoo is celebrating pride all summer with the “Yahoo Glow & Go”— a human glitter car wash, complete with brand ambassadors in jumpsuits, a plastic draped car-wash aesthetic, a glitter wash and a blow-dry photo-op station.

Come join us at Omaha Pride (7/16), Austin Pride (8/13) and Silicon Valley Pride (8/28). For LGBTQ stories and queer content, check out Yahoo.com/Prism.

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