Travel Website Offers Discount to Ashley Madison Scandal Victims

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CheapAir wants to help you fix your Ashley Madison relationship problems with a discounted vacation. (Photo: iStock)

Did the Ashley Madison scandal ruin your relationship? is offering a $50 voucher for users who were outed by the recent hack, in hopes that the accused use the deal to make things right with their significant others.

When the extramarital affairs site was hacked last week, over 32 million accounts were leaked, including reality star Josh Duggar’s and 15,000 others linked to government emails. Blackmail threats, a $578 million lawsuit against the company owners, and two supposedly linked suicides are among the data breach’s aftermath.

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But CheapAir is proposing a more “compassionate” take on the situation: why not give the account holders a second chance?

In a blog post titled, “Need to escape? offers Ashley Madison customers the chance to repair the damage,” the travel website announced that people affected by the hack can email the company to receive a discount on travels for “you and a loved one.” The email address must match with one of the leaked accounts, and the trip must take place before December 31, 2015.

The post reads, “Let’s face it, you may have made some mistakes, but a vacation may be just what you both need right now.” Because going on a fifty-dollar-discounted vacation will totally make your spouse forgive you for cheating.

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