A Travel Laundry Bag Helps Manage Dirty Clothes Away From Home

Travel can be fun, exciting and broaden the mind. However, whether it’s a city break or a round-the-world voyage, one accompanying reality cannot be avoided — dirty laundry. And even if you choose to do it at your earliest convenience rather than waiting to get home, you still have to keep your worn clothes somewhere in the meantime. That’s where the best travel laundry bags come in.

A travel laundry bag solves the potential issue of what to do with your clothes when you take them off. Forget amassing a stinky pile on the floor or quarantining them in a remote corner of your carry-on luggage, these handy travel accessories take the disorganization out of the situation and make your worn clothing easier to manage.

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The Benefits of Using a Travel Laundry Bag

In addition to giving you a portable laundry hamper, travel laundry bags offer travelers several other handy benefits.

  • Easier to Carry: A week’s worth of clothing inside a laundry bag is easier to carry than trying to juggle it all separately. Even after the clothes are washed and dried, having a bag to carry or store them in can be helpful.

  • Keeping Laundry Together: From a luggage organization perspective, it’s a smart idea to keep all of your dirty washing in one place. In addition to knowing where it is, this makes it easier to pack, store or move.

  • Barrier Creation: Dirty clothes that smell can lead to odors and dirt transferring to places you don’t want them. Storing these clothes in a travel laundry bag puts a barrier between any odors and dirt and everything else.

  • Laundry Build-Up Assessment: Having a fixed-capacity place to store your dirty laundry makes assessing how much you have an easier task.

Discover SPY’s top 10 picks for the best travel laundry bag. We’ve included bags for every kind of traveler and for every level of budget. These bags are easy to pack and also make a great gift idea for the traveler in your life.


1. STNKY Bag Pro Wash Bag


When it comes to keeping stinking, bacteria-filled clothes away from other people and the rest of your belongings, this STNKY Bag Pro Wash Bag is hard to beat. The bag’s design features a double layer of high-quality materials that keep unpleasant smells and bacteria locked inside until wash day, making it an excellent option for travelers, gym-goers and healthcare professionals. It’s also possible to flip the bag inside out and wash and dry your clothes without ever having to touch them. The bag comes in either black or burgundy and standard or extra-large sizes.

travel laundry bag stnky
travel laundry bag stnky

Buy: STNKY Bag Pro Wash Bag $25.00


2. Miamica Travel Laundry Bag


The Miamica Travel Laundry Bag is a tried-and-tested way to store your stinky clothes securely. This bag comes in four colors and features a drawstring closure to keep your garments securely inside. It’s also large enough to hold one week’s worth of clothing and made from tear and moisture-resistant materials, which are also machine washable for easy maintenance. Additionally, it folds into a compact square for more accessible storage when it’s not being used.

travel laundry bag miamica
travel laundry bag miamica

Buy: Miamica Travel Laundry Bag $11.90


3. Handy Laundry Nylon Laundry Bag


At under $7, this Handy Laundry Nylon Laundry Bag is the budget-friendly answer to storing worn clothing. It’s constructed from durable nylon resistant to rips and tears and machine washable. The bag comes in two sizes and more than 10 colors, including red, blue and camo. The drawstring closure helps keep your clothes and stinky smells trapped inside until it’s time to deal with them. Furthermore, this popular and lightweight bag comes backed by more than 7,500 five-star ratings from Amazon customers.

travel laundry bag handy laundry
travel laundry bag handy laundry

Buy: Handy Laundry Nylon Laundry Bag $6.49


4. Polecasa Mesh Laundry Bags


These Polecasa Mesh Laundry Bags are available in a range of different sizes and different combination packs. This variety means there’s an option to suit every laundry storage need. The bags included in each set are made from a durable and tear-resistant mesh that won’t snag or pill. Premium auto-lock, rust-proof zippers hold your clothing in place, while a built-in hanging loop makes it easier to store and save space when using the bags. They have received more than 4,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users.

travel laundry bag polecasa
travel laundry bag polecasa

Buy: Polecasa Mesh Laundry Bags $7.99


5. Kikkerland Travel-Size Laundry Bag


If you want a travel laundry bag capable of catching eyes as you carry it to and from laundry facilities, this Kikkerland Travel-Size Laundry Bag fits the bill. The drawstring bag can accommodate up to 6.6 pounds of laundry and features a striking blue and cream world map design on the outside. It also includes a built-in pouch, inner loop and carabiner, which allow the bag to be folded down for easy storage and hung up or attached to something for better space management.

kikkerland travel size laundry bag
kikkerland travel size laundry bag

Buy: Kikkerland Travel-Size Laundry Bag $8.25


6. BAGAIL Mesh Laundry Bags


This set of BAGAIL Mesh Laundry Bags is ideal for traveling families or anyone who likes to separate their laundry as they go. The five-piece pack includes one extra-large, two large and two medium bags. They are all made from a polyester that is durable and breathable. Each bag sports a secure, colored zipper and has the backing of more than 35,000 five-star ratings from Amazon customers.

bagail laundry bag
bagail laundry bag

Buy: BAGAIL Mesh Laundry Bags $8.99


7. Polecasa Heavy Duty Mesh Laundry Bag


This Polecasa Heavy Duty Mesh Laundry Bag is a popular option that ticks all the right boxes. The bag can hold between two to three loads of laundry and features an eco-friendly mesh construction that creates a breathable barrier to contain your clothes and smells. There’s also an ID tag to help prevent the bag from being misplaced and a locking drawstring closure. In addition, the bag comes in several color options and combination packs if you need more than one.

polecasa heavy duty large mesh laundry bag
polecasa heavy duty large mesh laundry bag

Buy: Polecasa Heavy Duty Mesh Laundry Bag $6.65 (orig. $9.99) 33% OFF


8. Rolling Nomad Travel Laundry Bag


The Rolling Nomad Travel Laundry Bag makes it easy to separate your clean clothes from dirty ones and can hold up to 26 pounds. The ripstop nylon construction ensures the bag is both durable and lightweight, while a drawstring toggle keeps your clothing securely in place. Additionally, the whole bag can fold into a built-in zippered pouch for more accessible storage options.

rolling nomad laundry bag
rolling nomad laundry bag

Buy: Rolling Nomad Travel Laundry Bag $11.94


9. HOMEST Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag


These HOMESTWash Me Travel Laundry Bags are another popular answer to keeping your dirty laundry contained. The organizers can be purchased in single or double packs of colorful drawstring bags with the words “wash me” written across the front. Each bag is large enough to hold between three and four loads of laundry and includes a locking closure to ensure no socks or shirts escape.

homest wash me travel laundry bag
homest wash me travel laundry bag

Buy: HOMEST Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag $13.99


10. Shacke Pak 5-Piece Packing Cube Set


If you’re looking to maximize organization in a suitcase or travel bag, invest in a set of packing cubes to go along with your travel laundry bag. This Shacke Pak 5-Piece Packing Cube Set includes everything you need and comes backed by more than 13,500 five-star ratings from Amazon users who love it. The set is available in seven different colors and contains four packing cubes in different sizes and a lightweight, drawstring laundry bag. The cubes are made from a premium, water-resistant material and include a double-stitched top panel for greater durability. This is a great gift idea for the traveler in your life.

shacke pak packing cubes travel organizers
shacke pak packing cubes travel organizers

Buy: Shacke Pak 5-Piece Packing Cube Set $21.99


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