Travel expert reveals major hack for getting discounts on flights and hotels

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Can you join AARP at any age? It’s a question younger people probably never thought they’d be asking. Now, a new viral TikTok has them realizing just how many discounts they could get by joining “early”. That’s all thanks to TikTok-famous travel expert Zachary Abel (@zacharyburrabel). Abel shared how he joined AARP in his 30s ... ... and has since saved thousands of dollars on flights and hotels. Abel points out that British Airways offers between $65 and $200 off on flights for AARP members. there are several major restaurant chains that offer discounts of up to 25% off — including the now TikTok-famous Rainforest Cafe. TikTok users were blown away by the advice, with many claiming they were rushing to sign up. “Not me going to the AARP website at 28,” one user wrote. “TikTok changes my life daily,” another added