Travel essentials that will make navigating the airport a breeze

Be prepared for the airport with these stylish and smart travel products that will make your trip smooth sailing.

Video Transcript

FRANCESCA MURRAY: Hi, and welcome back to "In the Know-- Out of a Suitcase," the show where we take the hassle out of travel. Going to the airport can be tumultuous so it's important that you show up prepared. It's easy to become dehydrated at the airport from all the waiting around.

This water bottle from Oala is perfect for keeping your drinks cold while waiting in line at TSA. The bottle comes in various colors, making it a stylish travel companion. Talk about style, this passport holder is perfect for storing all your necessary travel materials.

You can keep your passport, credit card, and proof of vaccination all in the same place, which will make travel easier and more efficient. Finding the perfect travel bag can be tricky, but it's hard to beat the Waverly 2 from Lowe & Sons. It's the perfect option for someone who wants to carry a purse but also have your hands free for a suitcase or carry on.

I think the size is just perfect. It can fit your wallet. It can fit your passport. And it can fit a lip stick or two. Disinfecting your hands is always important, but especially at the airport.

The touchline power mist hand sanitizer is the perfect solution for all your airport germ worries. This hand sanitizer is super compact and lasts for 500 sprays. But what about if you need a power nap before boarding? Luckily, you can count on travel pillows like this one from Be Cozy.

The circle design gives users the options to sleep in various positions, making it perfect for plane travel. And there you have it-- with the right products and preparation, airport travel can be a lot less stressful. For "In the Know-- Out of a Suitcase," I'm Francesca. See you next time.